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Chris 'Christmas' Rodriguez, 2000 Santa Claus from the South Pole, here to clean up your Christmas, latin-style. Find out more at Not For Sale on 26/01/18 from 10am, WC1B 4AF. Free entry at
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Finances, Food and Fahrenheit; this week’s Need to Know.
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@cocobadu @motherny Maybe.
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France '98: Football Hooligans, 1998 English football fans, deplored and national disgrace. NCIS described this as “disgusting” and Arena magazine said it was “genius” - either way, it’s at Not For Sale on 26/01/18 from 10am, WC1B 4AF. Free entry at
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Tomorrow 6:30pm at Mother, Creative Circle Workshop ft: Mark Waites and Raine Allen-Miller If you want to break into creative, come down and find out how. Tickets
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@Campaignmag ????
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RT @Campaignmag: Ad of the day: KFC claims its gravy is so good you can drink it... in a cocktail via @motherlondon
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KFC Gravy is totes great. In fact, good enough to drink. Official. We added one mixologist and ended up with 3 super-ace cocktails. Enjoy ????????????
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Not For Sale 26/01/18 from 10am, WC1B 4AF Free to sign up: Not For Sale: a retrospective of Mother's non-commercial work from the past 21 years. Taking a journey through time, running alongside the ever-evolving cultural backdrop since the late 90s.
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Music and chicken, the perfect combo... Why @KFCUKI used music to promote its burgers via @Campaignmag
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Leading the way out of cultural purgatory; find out here what’s hot, and what’s not.
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Taken a break from work and want to get back in? Super-pleased to be working with @shesback and @Inclusivityjobs to host "An International Women's Day designed for YOU" Sign up >>>>>
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Greens, Teens, Machines. Kale-infused teen bodybuilder or this weeks Need to Know?
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RT @Campaignmag: Pleasure and pain are linked in @GYMBOXofficial's ad campaign aiming to dominate people back into shape
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Already given up on Jan? Dry your eyes, not your month.
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Have lots of tea, it'll be OK.
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A very Merry Mothermass to one and all????????????????????. This year, we're asking everyone to give just one gift: sign up as an NHS Organ Donor
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20 years of Diageo. Six of their key ads. Pimms O'Clock and Don't Mind If I Baileys featuring proudly. via/ @SylSaller and @Campaignmag
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@Campaignmag ????
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@TheDrum ????????
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Best recalled ad for the second year running award goes to... @MoneySupermkt and EPIC.
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RT @Campaignmag: Ad of the day: Nokia shows the close relationship between a grandmother and her grandson in a campaign telling people to s
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The struggle has been real. The recovery has been ongoing.
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@UMusicGlobeUK ????????signing up is well easy, just head to and it takes about 2 mins. Music people especially wanted on the organ register.
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It is almost time for #organsfororgans. We'll be belting out tunes whilst singing up for the NHS Donor Card from 10am Christ Church, Spitalfields, E1 6LY. More info and sign up here:
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@jezzalee @DollyDeighton
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@jezzalee So, not such a shoddy offering. Palm off everyone else with the 1/16 of the Malteser and take the true prize home for later.
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@jezzalee Is that a Galaxy Caramel?
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When did teens become so workshy? Will parents be a supplier or a denier for their kids’ social aspirations? Who is top of the streaming pops? And how has luxury endurance wear made the jump to hyperspace?
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Hello darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again. But, does what I’m saying make sense?

KFC - Gravy Cocktails
Gravy Cocktails
Integrated marketing
Three online videos in which a mixologist shares cocktail recipes using KFC gravy
Jan 17th 2018 14:37:34
Gymbox - 50 Shades Of Gymbox
50 Shades Of Gymbox
What better way to burn off the indulgence of Christmas than with some whips, chains and blindfolds?
Jan 16th 2018 11:54:55 - Thoughtful Gifts
Thoughtful Gifts
NOTHS uses memorable family anecdotes to inspire viewers to gift more thoughtfully.
Nov 21st 2017 11:16:18
KFC - Roll Together, Feast Together
Roll Together, Feast Together
The Xmas KFC bucket is celebrated by bringing a collective together through a step dance performance
Nov 21st 2017 11:16:11
IKEA - Hooray
Our new campaign brings the magic of celebration to different everyday moments we've all seen before
Oct 25th 2017 11:12:41

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