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Tweet : Jan 19th 2018 15:44
Customer experience trends from CES -
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 13:32
RT @TheDrum: .@CES isn’t about the hardware anymore: it’s about software, data, and the connection behind it all ht
Tweet : Jan 16th 2018 13:37
If buying a car is now a lot like buying a mobile phone - why are car manufacturers not as good at rewarding our loyalty? #automotive #marketing
Tweet : Jan 15th 2018 10:58
RT @noelvineradio: #BlueMonday #BlueMonday2018 Let's go to the Winchester, have a pint, and wait for this to blow over.
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We need to talk: how will voice technology change the way we shop? #ai #marketing
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It’s all hail Britannia this week at @SkyUK we can’t wait to watch next week! #Britannia
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RT @DMA_UK: Keeping children safe in a digital world, @IM_org & @WeAreTable19 needed to alert parents of the reality of modern bullying in
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In our latest blog post our Planning Director @SebastianWeston investigates whether owning a car will soon be a thing of the past...????????? #Automotive #Marketing
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6 emerging email and marketing automation trends to help inform your 2018 email marketing communications strategy
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In this week's SpotTable, we've picked out four 'hot topics' that we believe will help brands deliver more Remarkable experiences to their customers in 2018 and beyond.
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PhotTable: Our week in pictures, this week's theme #fiftyshadesofgrey
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We're delighted to announce our partnership with award-winning data orchestration tool- @Kitewheel
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Our favourite weird (and slightly gross) fact from #nationaltriviaday
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"By aligning themselves with the voices of their audiences, brands are able to become more actively involved in real societal issues" @creativebrief
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Amazon Alexa - 2018’s unlikely slave, stylist and parent via @thedrum
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Thanks @Lisa_Pritchard for our lovely Christmas biscuits...don't think they'll be sticking around long!????
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This week on the blog: Does Santa need a CRM strategy this Christmas? ???? #MerryCRMmas #marketing #crm
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Driving change: How have car adverts changed over the years? #automotive #marketing
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RT @itsnicethat: An international cast of creatives choose the biggest moments of 2017 > Supported by @GoogleDesign
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Are digital technologies reshaping our behaviour and buying habits? Read our latest blog-
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What better way to start a Monday than with a festive Bake Off! We're collecting for @savechildrenuk- Text: TEAMTABLE19 to 70050 to donate £5 ??
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RT @TheDrum: The looming threat of plain packaging puts big brands on notice to do the right thing
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Team T19 celebrating #ChristmasJumperDay, but who's the beardy bloke at the back? ????
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Take a look at our roundup of this year's 'remarkable' trends in our latest edition of SpotTable #marketingtrends
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Would you buy a car from Amazon? It could be closer than you think... #marketing#automotive
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Are car brands driven by customer experience when it comes to booking a test drive? #automotive #marketing #CRM @PeugeotUK @SEATofficial
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 12:38
We need to talk: Will voice technology change the way we shop?
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 14:46
Thanks @DMA_UK for an interesting seminar on what's driving customer engagement in the #automotive sector #dmaevents ????
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WhatsApp expected to roll out standalone business app via @thedrum
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What does the future of marketing look like for the car industry? #automotive #marketing

The Royal British Legion - Thank You
The Royal British Legion
(The Royal British Legion)
Thank You
CRM/Customer engagement
Inviting the nation to say 'Thank You' to a generation who shaped our society
Jan 15th 2018 15:05:33
Jumeirah  - Promoting Jumeirah’s partnership with Dubai Parks and Resorts
(Jumeirah )
Promoting Jumeirah’s partnership with Dubai Parks and Resorts
Integrated marketing
How we encouraged Middle Eastern audiences to stay at Jumeirah resorts this winter
Jan 4th 2018 13:11:33
Investec - Celebrating 25 years of 'Out of the Ordinary' thinking for Investec
Celebrating 25 years of 'Out of the Ordinary' thinking for Investec
CRM/Customer engagement
Creative communications for Investec, featuring an Amazon Echo Dot preloaded with their 25yr story
Dec 19th 2017 14:02:47
Internet Matters - Back to School
Internet Matters
(Internet Matters)
Back to School
CRM/Customer engagement, Integrated marketing
How one word could be hiding your child's digital angst as they head back to school
Dec 13th 2017 12:15:31
NOW TV - NOW TV's foray into DM
NOW TV's foray into DM
CRM/Customer engagement
How we doubled NOW TV's combo sales week on week.
Apr 4th 2017 17:06:33

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