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Tweet : Apr 21st 2018 13:05
Lovely to see those two chubby cheeks at the top of the @TheDrum Leaderboard (voted for by humans) @KETTLEChipsUK #RealFoodRealPleasure
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 00:39
It’s flipcup time at the Joint Q2 Social.
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 23:48
RT @_ZaiKhan: So stoked that #trailblazingMuslimWomen got a mention in Campaign!! Thanks @CreativeEquals & @CampaignMag. Read: Creativity's
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 23:46
Well deserved Tam!!
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 08:50
RT @factoryuk: We are delighted that our work with @JointLondon + @AcademyFilms features on another @MrDavidReviews Pick of the Week!.. #So
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 15:46
RT @fabnewslive: .@KETTLEChipsUK Launches New £3M Campaign #RealFoodRealPleasure by @JointLondon #Food #Marketing h
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 15:45
There really is a man called Martin Thatcher. We know. We prodded him. In one of a series of short films for @thatchers_cider
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 18:10
RT @creativebrief: New BITE #HotPick As consumers, we are on an ever-expanding quest for the authentic. Because, and as @KETTLEChipsUK beli
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 14:02
RT @factoryuk: Our latest work with @JointLondon for @KETTLEChipsUK 'Real Food, Real Pleasure' is featured on @LBBOnline!... #SoundDesign #
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 14:02
RT @TheDrumCreative: Get involved with this week's #CreativeWorks feat. @aandeddb, @ROSAPARK_agency, @JointLondon and more
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 10:58
Thank you @mrdavidreviews for making our @kettlechipsuk film Pick Of The Day. #realfoodrealpleasure
Tweet : Apr 14th 2018 22:30
Our first TV advert for kettlechipsuk. We’re r-e-a-l proud of it. #Repost ??? You can’t beat
Tweet : Apr 14th 2018 20:33
Kettle Chips hosts biggest ever TV campaign
Tweet : Apr 14th 2018 16:27
Our new campaign for @kettlechipsuk "Real food. Real pleasure" via @campaignmag
Tweet : Apr 14th 2018 16:24
Kettle Chips: Real Food. Real Pleasure by Joint London via @thedrum
Tweet : Apr 14th 2018 16:24
Joint talks real food and real pleasure for Kettle Chips via @moreaboutads
Tweet : Apr 12th 2018 23:35
Tweet : Apr 11th 2018 23:24
Oxford Street stood still as @anthonyfjoshua stopped by to say hello to Joint. @ Joint London
Tweet : Apr 7th 2018 16:25
We transformed a #landrover into a mobile cider vat so people can taste @thatcherscider all around the country. Today it’s at Twickenham Stadium for #theclash.
Tweet : Apr 1st 2018 17:39
Tweet : Mar 29th 2018 09:48
RT @ciaraomeara: Great article from @JointLondon founder and boss extraordinaire @damoncollins on the epic agency yearly trip to #SXSW http
Tweet : Mar 29th 2018 09:29
Everything’s all set for the traditional Joint Easter egg hunt...
Tweet : Mar 20th 2018 21:42
RT @damoncollins: Judging the Global Effies at Facebook. Interesting day to be here...
Tweet : Mar 20th 2018 21:42
RT @EffieAwards: Round One judging for the 2018 Global #Effies kicked off today in London. Big thanks to the jury and to @facebook for spo
Tweet : Mar 19th 2018 22:18
RT @damoncollins: @shots_creative asked me to write about Joint’s 6th visit to @sxsw https:
Tweet : Mar 19th 2018 20:08
RT @Goodstuffers: It's nearly time for us to celebrate our first year of being a fully Independent agency and to celebrate we are launching
Tweet : Mar 15th 2018 10:56
RT @damoncollins: 7th year, 7th badge. #sxsw2018
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 23:17
Fraid we’re just getting on the plane! : ( And we love boozy ice cream!!
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 23:16
Til next year then Austin. It’s been a blast as always. #sxsw2018
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 23:07

Kettle Chips - Real Food. Real Pleasure.
Kettle Chips
(Kettle Foods)
Real Food. Real Pleasure.
‘Real Food. Real Pleasure’ reflects the brand’s commitment to using only real food ingredients.
Apr 13th 2018 16:46:40
Badger - A BBQ fan just won this ultimate beer shed
(Badger Ales)
A BBQ fan just won this ultimate beer shed
Badger Ales have built the ultimate beer shed for BBQ lovers.
Sep 22nd 2017 17:20:34
Badger - The ultimate beer shed with rugby star David Flatman
(Badger Ales)
The ultimate beer shed with rugby star David Flatman
Badger Ales make rugby dreams come true with this Ultimate Beer Shed.
Sep 22nd 2017 17:19:59
Vue - This Is Not A Cinema
(Vue Entertainment)
This Is Not A Cinema
Joint's latest work helps position Vue as more than just a cinema.
Aug 3rd 2017 09:33:12
Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn  - Pop it like it's Metcalfe's
Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn
(Kettle Foods)
Pop it like it's Metcalfe's
Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn relaunch with a new campaign #popitlikeitsmetcalfes
Mar 10th 2017 19:04:02

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