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News : Jul 4th 2018 by Adam Springfeldt
A plugin that analyses your Twitter following list and makes suggestions for a more gender-balanced feed.
Tweet : Jun 27th 2018 11:19
Swedish fast food chain MAX Burgers is releasing a climate positive green emoji kit to reflect the consumer culture of eating plant based food and highlight the need for climate-smart food options. Get our Green Burger Emoji pack here: #workbyacne
Tweet : Jun 1st 2018 16:58
Pick up the New issue of ICON Magazine, featuring an article about ACNE - The future of communication. “Don’t forget that technology has changed but the human driving forces are constant” - Victor Press, Executive Chairman ACNE
Tweet : May 16th 2018 16:33
Our new HQ in Stockholm. Welcome! #artillerigatan64 #stockholm
Tweet : May 15th 2018 16:39
New work by Acne for one of Sweden’s largest telco companies Telenor. In their latest campaign, the brand becomes one with its sub-brand Bredbandsbolaget - and tells the emotional love story behind the 'Telenor family'. ????? @TelenorSverige #workbyacne
Tweet : Apr 23rd 2018 14:01
We are proud to announce that our Balenciaga campaign are a Short-Form/Tiny-But-Mighty Winner!!! @adage #workbyacne
Tweet : Mar 19th 2018 12:14
Now dogs have a cell phone subscription!! We asked a few dogs how they feel about it, let us introduce CHIPS, SEGER & BRAHE VON NOBLESPEAR. #workbyacne @TelenorSverige
Tweet : Mar 9th 2018 10:50
We are proud to see our Balenciaga ad as a Tiny-but-Mighty Finalist in the Ad Age Creativity Award in the prestige category Content Marketing of the year. ????????????
Tweet : Feb 23rd 2018 14:31
ACNE is looking for office / mood managers. Are you the one? Send your application to
Tweet : Jan 25th 2018 15:23
According to Swedens largest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, we’re officially a ”hip ad agency”. Finally! #officiallyhip
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 14:07
Tonight’s the big gala night for Guldbaggen, Sweden’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. As the final piece of our campaign for the award, we’ve made a remix of an iconic t-shirt from the folksy Swedish movie Sällskapsresan.
Tweet : Jan 10th 2018 18:39
"Grannen" from Beck as action figure! Don´t miss Guldbaggegalan, January 22 on SVT.
Tweet : Nov 20th 2017 18:39
In case the last #DaVinci owner needs some cost-effective solution...
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2017 14:44
"Do you remember Paul the Octopus?" Read about our latest @flygbussarna campaign on @tidningresume
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2017 14:37
In Swedish, resignations and departures are the same thing: avgår. Who will avgår first? The octopus speaks
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2017 14:31
RT @tidningenresume: Minns ni bläckfisken Paul – nu tippar hans släkting nästa avgång
Tweet : Oct 11th 2017 12:45
Great news! Our #Ikea response to #Balenciaga got two #Gold @lovieawards in the categories of #ViralAdvertising and #BrandedContent <3
Tweet : Oct 9th 2017 13:51
Fingers crossed four times for our four (!!!!) nominations to the @LIAawards. November 1, we can't wait for you. #LIAawards #shortlist
Tweet : Oct 6th 2017 12:31
Our #bluebag ad is also nominated for Best Use of Social Media Advertising! Thank you @Buzz_Awards #SMSBuzzAwards
Tweet : Oct 6th 2017 12:22
Our blue bag campaign is nominated for the Best Viral Campaign Award!!! #SMBuzzAwards @Buzz_Awards <3
Tweet : Oct 5th 2017 15:09
Today is the last day to vote for our #Bluebag ad at the @lovieawards ???? ???? ???? vote vote vote
Tweet : Oct 4th 2017 13:51
RT @ClioAwards: All hands on deck for #ClioUnboxed ????: @acnecollective
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 14:16
#Slumber, the directorial debut of Acne's #JohnnyHopkins, out in #US theatres in December – January in the #UK
Tweet : Sep 27th 2017 13:06
"Cheat on chicken", the new spot by Acne's #BenTonge, also #pickoftheday at #DavidReviews
Tweet : Sep 27th 2017 13:03
@Campaignmag picks Acne's #BenTonge's new spot AHDB Pork "Cheat on chicken" as #adoftheday
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2017 13:11
RT @mashable: You'll be able to charge your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X on an IKEA lamp
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2017 12:27
@Campaignmag Thank you @campaignmag!
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2017 12:16
Here's our #Ikea tribute to @apple and the new #iphone8 - #thischargeseverything
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2017 12:16
Here's our #Ikea tribute to @apple and the new #iphone8 - #thischargeseverything
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2017 12:15
Here's our #Ikea tribute to @apple and the new #iphone8 - #thischargeseverything
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 12:37
Did you like our #Ikea #bluebag post? Then vote for it at the @lovieawards ???? ???? ????

ACNE - ACNE and Deloitte Digital Empower Balance Of The Sexes With Twitter Plugin #DiversifyYourFeed
ACNE and Deloitte Digital Empower Balance Of The Sexes With Twitter Plugin #DiversifyYourFeed
A Twitter plugin that empowers you to embrace the positive benefits of diversity on your feed
Jul 4th 2018 15:40:52
IKEA - IKEA Blue Bag
IKEA Blue Bag
Short film created, directed and produced by Acne for IKEA to celebrate the iconic blue bag.
Jun 7th 2017 12:06:28
IKEA - IKEA Balenciaga social media response
IKEA Balenciaga social media response
Advertising/Creative, Digital
A quick explanation on how to identify the original blue bag. Massive attention around the world.
May 4th 2017 10:24:43
Pen Store - Pens for freedom
Pen Store
(Pen Store)
Pens for freedom
Advertising/Creative, Digital
Acne turned Stockholm and Instagram into an art exhibition to promote Pens for Freedom.
Mar 15th 2017 16:03:55
IKEA - Kitchen Confessions
Kitchen Confessions
Global campaign to launch the concept Goodbye Expectations Hello You. Written and produced by Acne.
Mar 9th 2017 10:45:04

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