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Tweet : Aug 7th 2017 15:04
We discussed the business opportunities presented by the #GenderPayGap 2018 reporting at a recent event, read more:
Tweet : Aug 7th 2017 12:12
RT @WeberShandwick: Our #CEOActivism research finds Millennial employees are the generation most loyal to CEO activist bosses.
Tweet : Aug 4th 2017 12:43
Watch @joeyfjones and @noreenahertz discuss #GenerationK
Tweet : Aug 4th 2017 09:42
RT @WeberShandwick: Millennials are most likely to report “taking action” because of a CEO's stance on an issue. #
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2017 14:50
RT @mcleodjon: Great debate with @nickmacpherson2 at @WS_London this morning
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2017 09:19
“Government should create a permissive environment for innovation” @nickmacpherson2
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2017 09:17
“Britain good in a crisis” @nickmacpherson2 when discussing #brexit negotiations
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2017 09:14
RT @HughBaillie: "Brexit won't be a disaster. We'll just have slower growth so our quality of life will be significantly less in 50 years t
Tweet : Aug 2nd 2017 08:43
This morning @mcleodjon in conversation with @nickmacpherson2 discussing the state of the economy
Tweet : Aug 1st 2017 10:33
RT @EngagingAlways: The expectations of #CEOActivism is on the rise among millennials. See the latest research from #WeberShandwick: https:
Tweet : Jul 31st 2017 14:37
RT @PRWeekAwards: Shortlisted for Best Integrated Campaign @brands2life @KaperLondon @mischiefpr @ThisisPegasus @WS_London #PRWeekAwards ht
Tweet : Jul 31st 2017 12:05
RT @WeberShandwick: Our new research found #CEOActivism is a new motivator in the purchase consideration set. https
Tweet : Jul 28th 2017 12:49
RT @PRWeekAwards: Shortlisted for Large Consultancy, sponsored by @YouGov - @CohnWolfeUK @GolinLON @HK_London @InstinctifPtnrs @WS_London #
Tweet : Jul 26th 2017 14:07
RT @capbyrne: Hard copy of @prweekuknews arrives so another chance to celebrate '30 under 30' colleagues @asadd @DeanGallagher @WS_London @
Tweet : Jul 26th 2017 12:34
RT @WeberShandwick: Millennials are increasingly voting with their wallets in support of CEOs who speak up on issues. (via @TheDrum) https:
Tweet : Jul 25th 2017 10:38
.@WeberShandwick released its second annual survey on American attitudes towards CEO activism
Tweet : Jul 25th 2017 10:19
RT @andypolansky: According to @WeberShandwick research, support for CEO Activism is surging among Millennials (via @washingtonpost). https
Tweet : Jul 20th 2017 14:52
Are you ready for the #GenderPayGap changes to legislation April 2018? Join our event on 3 Aug to find out more:
Tweet : Jul 19th 2017 17:17
RT @InterpublicIPG: Congrats to @WeberShandwick's Asad Dhunna and Dean Gallagher for making @prweekuknews' annual 30 Under 30 list! https:/
Tweet : Jul 19th 2017 14:40
RT @PRCA_UK: A packed room at @WS_London for the PRCA Benchmarking Launch
Tweet : Jul 18th 2017 16:23
We’ve kicked off our Cannes Deconstructed event. Taking a look at what won at #canneslions2017 and what we can learn for our clients
Tweet : Jul 18th 2017 11:20
Secure your place at our #GenderPayGap round table event on 3 Aug. Details here:
Tweet : Jul 13th 2017 10:29
What does #GenderPayGap reporting mean for your business? Join our event on 3 Aug to consider the opportunities
Tweet : Jul 11th 2017 09:15
RT @EmmaPointer: Tories need to work out how to scale up positive moments on social media @nickpickles argues #smge2017
Tweet : Jul 11th 2017 09:07
RT @mcleodjon: Sam Jeffers @wrklsshrd points out only @UKLabour invested in voter registration in #SMGE2017 ; @Conservatives said nothing a
Tweet : Jul 11th 2017 08:59
RT @mcleodjon: Games for the Many got young ppl's attention for 3.5 mins - @Jamo133 - winning votes via memes #SMGE
Tweet : Jul 11th 2017 08:58
RT @benburton1000: Great panel this morning on What Next for Social Media after #GE2017 @nickpickles @wrklsshrd @Jamo133 @WS_London
Tweet : Jul 11th 2017 08:57
What next for social media after #GE17? Packed room as we kick off our panel discussion #SMGE2017
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 17:52
This weekend we were proud to take part in UK’s biggest Pride parade #LoveHappensHere
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 13:05
RT @prweekuknews: Labour, #Brexit & the youth vote are public affairs game-changers: #pr @joeyfjones @WS_London @We

Virgin Atlantic - Kiss and Fly
Virgin Atlantic
(Virgin Atlantic)
Kiss and Fly
Public relations (PR)
We created the Kiss & Fly campaign to promote the new 30-minute free drop-off parking space.
Jun 20th 2017 13:17:02
ActionAid - #BrutalCut
Digital, Public relations (PR)
ActionAid UK and Weber Shandwick's #BrutalCut disrupts content to raise awareness of FGM.
Aug 3rd 2016 10:57:34
Simple Skincare - Beauty Vlogger Partnership, Made Simple
Simple Skincare
Beauty Vlogger Partnership, Made Simple
Digital, Public relations (PR)
Working with Ingrid Nilsen on a global influencer engagement campaign.
Apr 14th 2016 10:28:30
ActionAid - #washedaway
Digital, Public relations (PR)
We created the first weather data-activated billboard in Piccadilly Circus for ActionAid.
Apr 14th 2016 10:28:23

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