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Tweet : Today about 3 hours ago
.@Snapchat launches a purrfect (sorry) feline filter. More from @TheDrum - #AboutTime
Tweet : Today about 3 hours ago
????Morning Twitter! @RooThePug here this week. HOW DARK was it this morning though? *Checks shoes match* #WinterIsComing
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 16:17
It's raining awards at Brick Lane! We've also been nominated for Best Local Campaign in the UK Search Awards. Amazing job to the blessing of Unicorns involved! #UKSearchAwards
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 15:52
TFW you get shortlisted for a DMA award! We are very proud of our work for The AA, and have been shortlisted for Best Loyalty or CRM Programme. Congratulations to our amazing team and fantastic clients! @TheAA_UK @DMA_UK #dmaawards
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 09:34
It's Friday!!! * don't tweet about beer * * don't tweet about beer * * don't tweet about beer * * don't tweet about beer * * don't tweet about beer *
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 09:55
RT @Red_Shark: Not a bad place to work - my spot for the afternoon @Digitas_UK working on Honda. Love this place. ????
Tweet : Oct 9th 2018 13:53
TFW the sun's out but you still have to show off your sick new winter coat at lunch.
Tweet : Oct 9th 2018 11:55
Thanks to @TheDrum for featuring one of our strategists David @djc1805 on mapping out the Amazon marketing opportunity.
Tweet : Oct 9th 2018 10:04
No problem guys! Keep up the amazing work!
Tweet : Oct 9th 2018 09:20
Morning world! This is @elliotwcarter taking over the unicorn tweet machine this week. I apologise in advance for an influx in pastry related content and dog memes into your timeline. 14/10 will tweet more dog memes.
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 16:59
And a cheeky silver win topped with BEST IN SHOW ???? our @Pringles Discover a World of Flavour work has done us proud ????????????
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 16:58
Another double winner bringing home the silver and gold is our @KelloggsUK Crunchy Nut Evening Snacking campaign ????????????
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 16:39
Our @SkyUK 4D VR work is proudly swinging a gold AND silver award ???????? ????
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 16:31
Pulling in 2 x the silver is our Yeasayers game for @HPE ???????? ????
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 16:15
We got 8 x the swagger today after winning 8 x @W3Awards #GoTeamUnicorn ????????????????????????????????
Tweet : Oct 3rd 2018 11:57
We may be wearing pink. We may think butter is a carb. But it's ok because: #MeanGirlsDay
Tweet : Oct 1st 2018 10:20
Hurray it's Monday and thank goodness it's #InternationalCoffeeDay to help jazz us up and get us through the day ahead. Deep gulps. Numerous refills. Let's keep the java flowin' ??????
Tweet : Sep 28th 2018 14:02
Test your colour IQ (thanks @pantone for the Friday distractions)
Tweet : Sep 28th 2018 11:52
Doin' our #MacmillanCoffeeMorning thing ????????
Tweet : Sep 27th 2018 16:32
Feeling smug with our swag on #NationalRefillDay ??????????
Tweet : Sep 27th 2018 15:15
The bots are coming... And they're confused #eatthemath
Tweet : Sep 25th 2018 09:36
RT @PublicisMedia: After launching our global Commerce Practice in March, today we announce its regional leadership across Americas, APAC &
Tweet : Sep 24th 2018 10:41
Hi twitter @carmel_oc here. Welcome to the perfectly crisp Autumn day we all dreamed of ????????
Tweet : Sep 21st 2018 16:18
That's it for this week. Show's over. I'm off home for some wild birthday celebrations. Have a smashing weekend you crazy kidz.
Tweet : Sep 21st 2018 15:06
How to sell a strange idea: Throwback featuring Honda Cog and Xbox Ear Tennis. Any other weird and wonderful stories out there? via @Adweek
Tweet : Sep 21st 2018 14:15
@andrea_wirth Those damn bots!
Tweet : Sep 21st 2018 14:08
@andrea_wirth We did a huge research piece about this earlier this year with help from omnichannel programmatic AI geo-fenced chatbots and the answer was 0.
Tweet : Sep 21st 2018 12:12
"The brain is more like a still camera than a video camera, so consider your snapshots". More stuff like this please @Campaignmag
Tweet : Sep 20th 2018 12:12
I'm 99% sure Chris Evans' twins aren't called Ping and Pong. Besides, Tiddly and Winks would be way better.
Tweet : Sep 20th 2018 10:26
Could it draw... a pair of elephants juggling monkeys at an airborne tea party?

Honda Racing F1 - This Is Why We Race
Honda Racing F1
This Is Why We Race
We were briefed to create a film to launch the new 2018 Formula 1 season for Honda Racing.
Sep 4th 2018 16:47:54
Sky - A whole new way to buy Sky
A whole new way to buy Sky
Transforming how Sky connect with their customers
Aug 10th 2018 13:53:54
Pringles - Discover a World of Flavour
Discover a World of Flavour
Series of socially optimised videos that transport people to their own, vivid Pringles world.
Jul 10th 2018 09:38:44
Plume Labs - Pigeon Air Patrol
Plume Labs
(Plume Labs)
Pigeon Air Patrol
The world’s first flock of air pollution monitoring pigeons
Mar 20th 2018 17:11:34
Honda - Real View Test Drive
(Honda Motor Europe)
Real View Test Drive
A series of interactive films that aims to put our audience in the driver's seat.
Mar 20th 2018 17:11:14

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