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@UAL Hi! Thanks for your interest and asking - please credit accordingly ????
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RT @CreativeReview: .@droga5 has created a visual identity and ad campaign to announce the opening of @CoalDropsYard. The identity plays on
Tweet : Oct 17th 2018 20:50
What do snails, hot dogs, and 90s dance culture have in common? Discover for yourself with #D5London’s new work for @CoalDropsYard opening in London’s iconic @kingscrossN1C later this month ????????
Tweet : Oct 17th 2018 18:53
RT @worldztribe: B is for BOLD! Sarah Thompson, Global CEO at @droga5 & @UkonwaOjo, CMO, Consumer Beauty at @COTYInc ?
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On @Digiday's episode of Making Marketing, Chief Creative Officer Neil Heymann reminds us that at the core of a big, ambitious idea is creating brand messaging that stands for something :
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#D5London Chief Strategy Officer Dylan Williams reflects on the ‘working class’ in advertising over the last 50 years and how we can work towards a more united future for @Campaignmag’s Anniversary issue #Campaign50 :
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 20:19
RT @nudd: .@amazon's TV shows really get in your head in @droga5's fun new ads:
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 19:30
Have you ever binge-watched a show and found it “life-changing”? Us too. Shout out to #D5London for their first work with @PrimeVideoUK that shows us how ‘great shows can stay with you’: via @Adweek
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RT @LBBOnline: .@droga5 NY's Ruben Mercadal on how agency producers can help give talented and emerging #directors their time in the spotli
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@xd_agency @CampaignLiveUS Thank you for the support! Looking into the email issue but let's connect - will send you a DM.
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At Droga5, we use human empathy and design thinking to solve all kinds of problems for our clients. What if we applied that to the journey to motherhood? Read more about the #MoreMoms initiative in @CampaignLIVEUS ????
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The #pixel3 is here. So happy to have played a part #madebygoogle: @madebygoogle
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Thrilled to be at #HAATBP today. Swing by @droga5 to say hi if you haven’t already! #D5Diversity @ Penn Plaza Pavillion
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Why agencies need to invest in the next generation of talented directors by Droga5 Associate Director of Film Production Ruben Mercadal >> via @LBBOnline
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RT @AdCouncil: “This is not just about making creative assets. It’s about how we can use our collective talents to have an impact.” @ddroga
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RT @Hummel_Chris: Had some fun on CMO Spotlight. Thanks to @BizRadio132 @united_rentals @droga5 @soldierstrong
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Thank you for joining.
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When brands and technology collide, things can get weird. Prototyping helps marketers better understand this reality and create more personalized actionability - @JasonSevers #AWNewYork
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IHOP is trolling you–and it’s working via @fastcompany @jeffcbeer
Tweet : Oct 2nd 2018 18:49
“We’re in the time business. Whatever we create and gets thrusted into the real world, we need to ask what place does it have? Is it adding value, disrupting, making people care?” @ddroga #AWNewYork
Tweet : Oct 2nd 2018 15:03
How Nike’s $6 Billion Colin Kaepernick Campaign Put the Focus Back on Big Creative Ideas - feat. commentary from @droga5 Chief Intelligence Officer @AmyWAvery >> via @Adweek
Tweet : Oct 1st 2018 19:37
.@igobyKev on mentorship and finding mentors: "Put aside any shyness and go after it. Don’t be afraid to send that note. Be active, present and unafraid to go for it.” #AWNewYork #adcolor
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RT @its_willyu: When it comes to mentorship and finding a mentor, be active and present. If you really want it, you have to go for it. - Ke
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RT @Adweek: Hershey adds Droga5 to its creative roster without a review:
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Sweet addition to the client roster: @hersheycompany! via @PatrickCoffee
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Adveritsing Week starts Monday and we're excited for the discussions we're having with friends from @ADCOLOR and @TIMESUPAD to @facebook @GunSafetyNow and more. Details here ?? #AWNewYork @advertisingweek
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Our latest for @UnderArmour >> New Campaign Reminds Us Training Is a Grind, But a Path to Greatness via @Adweek
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RT @Cannes_Lions: You picked it... So here it is! Today's #ThrowbackCampaign is Decode Jay Z, by @droga5 for @Bing! Winning six Lions, in

The Flipflopi Project - The Flipflopi Project
The Flipflopi Project
(The Flipflopi Project)
The Flipflopi Project
Raising awareness of the dangers of single-use plastics with the world's first 100% recycled boat.
Sep 17th 2018 21:10:32
Ancestry - Together Forever
Together Forever
Brexit was the perfect jumping off point for a product rooted in people's genetic origins - Ancestry
Feb 28th 2018 16:25:59
Bulk Powders - Dominate Life
Bulk Powders
(Bulk Powders)
Dominate Life
In our first work for the brand we show how you can dominate life, both physically & psychologically
Jan 18th 2018 14:28:18
Kwiff - It's perfectly normal until it's Kwiffed
It's perfectly normal until it's Kwiffed
Find out what getting “Kwiffed" really feels like.
Jan 18th 2018 13:55:16
Secret Escapes - I shouldn't even been here.
Secret Escapes
(Secret Escapes)
I shouldn't even been here.
Two luxury holiday makers sit next to each other to discuss how lucky they are to be there.
Jan 17th 2018 15:21:28

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