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We've got exciting news ???? #GStarRawUK #UniformOfTheFree @TheDrum
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Here’s a round-up of our favourite snaps from #LFW18 ???? London’s fashion elite took to the streets in this season’s hottest new accessory, the brand new Mercedes-Benz G-Class. @MercedesBenzUK @LondonFashionWk @winnieharlow @susiebubble @PINsykes @camtyox
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We believe our Founder & ECD @maryportas is on to something here... #WorkLikeAWoman
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We believe our Founder & ECD maryportas is on to something here... #WorkLikeAWoman
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Tune into the latest #SpotlightsSesions at 1PM to hear @maryportas discuss how businesses can market themselves effectively with a panel of experts: #BusinessHub @Telegraph @NatWest @nishmarobb @Google @Zenith_Media_UK @PROPERCORN @templecycles
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@maryportas talking the future of shopping in the digital and retail space at #Pinstitute 2018 @pinterestUK
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Colour as self-expression. That’s what our latest Beauty Magazine for @libertylondon is all about: Living Colour. Discover the key summer looks & trends here.
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Tune into @bbcradio4 @BBCWorldatOne to hear our @maryportas discuss the closure of more than 100 @marksandspencer stores. On air in 10! #bbcwato
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Our brand director, Richard, talks brand differentiation in today’s shifting retail landscape. Read the full piece here: @thedrum @thinkdanks
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What do changes on the high street mean for women as consumers, employees and entrepreneurs? Our @maryportas discusses all things British highstreet and more with @janegarvey1 of @BBCWomansHour alongside a host of fantastic women in retail
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The ultimate feel-good food experience? Sorted ??And don't forget to check out The Lifestyle Lab at @westfieldlondon, @thebodycoach Joe Wick's first pop-up café. Find out more: #PortasLondon @westfieldstratfordcity @therealmisspiggy
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Last week, our @richarddanks joined the @TheDrum Morning Coffee panel to discuss the phenomenon that is Alibaba & what we can learn from the e-commerce giant in West. Catch the highlights from the day here:
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@Pip_Jamieson ????????????????
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RT @TheDrum: .@MaryPortas: it's only a matter of time before #Alibaba comes for eBay, Asos et al
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Hot off the press! @Campaignmag covers our latest Westfield Food & Wellness campaign featuring @thebodycoach & the @TheMuppets. In-centre, you can spot Joe Wicks keeping fit with Animal, cooking with The Swedish Chef and having dinner with Miss Piggy:
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Following on from the last issue where she spoke to @TheDrum about the state of retail in the age of @amazon, @maryportas sets her sight on @AlibabaGroup’s reactive strategy, e-commerce as entertainment and why the west should take note:
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Our latest @sportsgirl campaign just went live online and in-store down under ???? What better way to celebrate knitwear than with three inspiring pairs of Close-Knit ladies – BFFs, DJs and Twins? Head to their website to see more: #PortasAustralia
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Feel good food and experiences – that’s what our latest campaign for @westfieldlondon is all about????Welcoming @thebodycoach Joe Wicks to the all-star Food & Wellness crew. Click through for a taste of truly fine wining and dining & some other familiar faces...
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Imagine how easy life would be if you knew that every day you could dress, look and feel great in just 10 minutes? Introducing the latest installment of ’10 Minute Dressing’ with Sussan:
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Our @maryportas caught up with @TheDrum in an inspirational, witty and insightful tête-a-tête on the state of retail innovation in the age of Amazon, the latest shifts in consumer behaviour and the importance of meaningful brand connections. Full article -
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Our latest campaign for @westfieldlondon launches today! With an all-star line-up that collectively embodies the qualities of entertainment, food and fashion, we’re extremely proud to be helping redefine the next generation of retail for their Phase 2 extension.
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RT @westfieldlondon: Join us to celebrate the opening of the new expansion at Westfield London Shepherd's Bush on Tuesday 20 March from 10a
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Weekend reading alert! The latest issue of @TheDrum has landed ?????? Dedicated entirely to the rise of Amazon from AI, entertainment & grocery to the retail landscape, our @maryportas sheds light on the future trends & state of retail innovation in the age of #Amazon
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Here's a few of the fashionable tastemakers who made an entry at #LFW with @mercedezbenzuk.
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100 years on from women gaining the right to vote, @maryportas speaks to @BBCBreakfast about female entrepreneurship and collaboration in business. Learn more:
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Is Brexit uncertainty affecting the high street? @channel4 asked @maryportas to weigh in on whether the current ups and downs facing retailers today is down to Brexit or if a fundamental shift in shopping habits is at play. We think so. Watch here:
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Our @maryportas wears many hats and radio host is one of them. For some great tracks & lovely company, tune into Mary on @BBCRadio2 this Sunday from 11am-1pm ????????????
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Happy New Year from the Portas squad! If you missed our December issue of our Portas Talks Shop newsletter you can have a little peruse here: #PortasTalksShop
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RT @creativebrief: New #BITETrend Retail is well & truly alive! Richard Danks @thinkdanks Brand Director @portasagency explains how young f
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Christmas has officially landed at @libertylondon in all its festive glory! Until you manage to grab a copy in store, here's a little taste?????????Oh & the lovely bespoke illustrations dotted throughout, they are thanks to the brilliant @john.broadley.77 ????????
News : Jun 1st 2017 by Olivia Zuccherato
Read full article here:

Westfield - Destination Westfield: Refuel, Reboot & Refresh Your Senses
Destination Westfield: Refuel, Reboot & Refresh Your Senses
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy
Joe Wicks and The Muppets star in the latest campaign celebrating Westfield's Food & Wellness offer
Apr 13th 2018 12:38:57
Sportsgirl - Close-Knit
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy
What better way to celebrate Sportsgirl knitwear than with an inspiring crew of Close-Knit ladies?
Apr 13th 2018 12:28:50
Westfield - Destination Beauty
Destination Beauty
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy
Orange pops, pastel flush eyes & nude highlights have landed in-centre in our latest beauty campaign
Mar 12th 2018 09:16:29
Liberty - Liberty Christmas
Liberty Christmas
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy
A new, festive & illustrative take on your traditional gift guide for Liberty's Christmas magazine
Nov 24th 2017 17:32:55
Sportsgirl - Get Dressed
Get Dressed
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy
Whatever the scenario, the poetic Georgia Jones implores us to 'Get Dressed'
Oct 20th 2017 12:04:33

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