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To succeed, you need 'talent, hard work and dedication' - @OfficialWIGGINS @jlaLIVE @skysarahjane #fridayinspiration
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RT @EffieAwards_UK: @GeometryGlobal @MartinGGLDN @GeometryLDN great to have Martin back with us, thank you!
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RT @GeometryGlobal: Part of this jury – our own @MartinGGLDN from @GeometryLDN #Effies
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RT @MrJamesCahill: Apple, Gap, Dollar Shave Club... see how retailers are capturing the loyalty of impulse shoppers @GeometryLDN https://t.
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Has the triggering of #Article50 made consumers more selective about where they shop? #retail #shopper #brexit
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“This isn’t a utopian revolution. This is business.” Read @CultureRevealed's 10 key takeaways from #SXSW 2017 here -
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Drinks trolley with a twist...Happy St Paddy's Day!! ???????? #stpatricksday #luckoftheirish???? #geometrygloballondon @Baileys_GB @GuinnessIreland
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RT @GeometryGlobal: Congratulations @GeometryLDN on scoring a 7 out of 9 in the @Campaignmag #SchoolReport!
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Thanks @Campaignmag! #schoolreports
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RT @MrJamesCahill: The work that @zangy and I did last year for RBL + @GeometryLDN gets highlighted in @Campaignmag School Report! ???? https
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Congratulations Diego!
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Celebrating our fave, Michael Angus! #champagne #cheese #crackers #agency life ????????
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Context is king in the purchase decision journey. @CreaStrong, Head of Geometry Intelligence Paris explores further:
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RT @MrJamesCahill: @GeometryLDN my favorite magazine this month is the #CommunicationArts #Typography issue. Check out the article on packa
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@MrJamesCahill - what's your favourite article or piece of work in this month's issue of #magazineclubmonthly?
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Came in this morning to find the first edition of #magazineclubmonthly on our desks - highlighting the best in design, art and literature ????
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Our fabulous client @PwC_UK is leading the way in #genderequality #agentsofchange #BeBoldForChange @MT_Women
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RT @LondonRobinson: @GeometryLDN @MT_Women Many thanks. Your outstanding CEO Sarah Todd has taught me a lot. #AGENTSOFCHANGE #inspiringwomen
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Congratulations to @LondonRobinson, named amongst the Top 30 male #agentsofchange @MT_Women #beboldforchange
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"And whilst there is a lot to change in our industry, I am proud of those that do" @Magzdoyle #thisgirlcan #IWD2017
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"I'm also proud of this ten year old girl who sent a letter to her principal asking to support #IWD2017" @Magzdoyle.
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"I'm betting on the next generation. My 10-year-old boy makes me proud every day, standing up for what he believes in" @Magzdoyle #IWD2017
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"Theresa May is driving change as we speak, with #Brexit" - Greg Wells. #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2017
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"My bet is on @sherylsandberg: an inspiration, a champion for people's health & wellbeing and shows strength & valour" @dougiesnr #IWD2017
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Last but not least, who are you betting on being the next female driving change? #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2017
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"Mine's more of a 'I'm glad you thought of that' moment, when working with a woman I admire @DigitalConstant " - @Magzdoyle #IWD2017
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..."a place that gives so much pleasure to so many people (kids and adults)" @dougiesnr @jk_rowling #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2017
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"It has to be @jk_rowling for inventing the world of #HarryPotter! What an amazing place to escape to..."
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We also asked colleagues what their last 'I wish I thought of that' moment was & who the successful woman at the helm of that moment was...
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"I am inspired by @cindygallop because she says it how it is: 'Women challenge the status quo because we are never it'" @Magzdoyle #IWD2017

Emirates - Flight Time Stories
Flight Time Stories
Shopper Marketing
Emirates provide in-flight entertainment to children every day
Dec 7th 2016 11:14:33
Royal British Legion - Somme 100
Royal British Legion
Somme 100
Integrated marketing
We shortened the purchase journey & inspired purchase of a commemorative pin for The RBL
Sep 13th 2016 18:19:27
Coca-Cola Olympics - Ready For Rio
Coca-Cola Olympics
Ready For Rio
Brand Activation, Integrated marketing
For the 2016 Rio Olympics, we activated Coca-Cola's 'Taste the feeling' positioning in-store.
Sep 12th 2016 11:31:07
Emirates Air Line - One Picture Doesn't Cover It
Emirates Air Line
One Picture Doesn't Cover It
Integrated marketing
The Emirates Air Line, the first urban cable-car, opened in 2012 in London. We activated the sponsorship to convert awareness into visitors!
Aug 3rd 2015 18:52:32
Vodafone - Your Ready Business
Your Ready Business
Integrated marketing
Vodafone is the UK's leading tech and solutions provider for businesses. Your Ready Business is a content platform to drive engagement and sales.
Aug 3rd 2015 18:38:05

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