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Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 14:31
Sure, but is it as grand and pleasing to the eye as @HendricksGin Air?
Tweet : Apr 24th 2017 17:30
Our very own @stephenfirth on @TheDrum talking about humanising brands to have big impact in social.
Tweet : Apr 13th 2017 08:54
RT @TheDrumNetwork: On trend? @thewowcompany reports on what the average UK agency looks like via @thedrum
Tweet : Apr 12th 2017 12:55
The Great Gravity Easter Egg Hunt took place with great gusto today. #chocolateislyfe #easter #sugarrush
Tweet : Apr 12th 2017 12:53
@paulosv8 @MyMonese And there you have it.... :(
Tweet : Apr 12th 2017 12:25
RT @TheDrumNetwork: A round-up of SXSW's new technology set to create a smarter future @GravityThinking
Tweet : Apr 11th 2017 15:29
"73% of millennials are more interested in a banking service from @Google @amazon than a high st. bank" @ajfroberts for @TheDrumNetwork
Tweet : Apr 11th 2017 11:15
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 19:25
@ReeReeRockette It's a very pertinent read and one I wish more people would recognise. Thank you, may well need your services!
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 16:07
It's #nationalgardeningweek - all the urban gardeners out there better get their patios in shape with some top tips from @lovethegarden
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 15:50
Agencies & brands need to pay attention - working with influencers is more than a free coffee. Time to get serious about ways of working.
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 14:55
@ReeReeRockette @holly @Samsung Oh wow. That's.... err.... *facepalm*
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 14:53
@robinince hahahahaha. Genius.
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 14:52
"How to break up with bae in 2017"
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 14:14
Are finance brands seizing the emotional connection opportunity? @DigitalMartyn investigates here on @creativebrief
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 11:54
@holly You got this! ????
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 10:24
#NuggsForCarter is my fav story of the weekend. Let's get him 18m RTs for a years supply of nuggs from @Wendys Yars!
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 10:22
Good morning everyone. It's @thisiskays on Twitter today. Gearing up for a strong week, hope you've got the GOOD Monday vibes. ????????
Tweet : Apr 7th 2017 12:54
Great start to the year for our client, @Hyundai_UK – all the hard work is clearly paying off.
Tweet : Apr 7th 2017 12:32
Day 2 @OFFFest & we're here with @Adobe creating alter egos & making our own robots! #adobeOFFF17 #OFFF17
Tweet : Apr 6th 2017 16:23
We're here @OFFFest in Barcelona. Day 1 highlight, @adamjk shares, "we should be honest & just f*cking say what we're thinking" #OFFF17
Tweet : Apr 6th 2017 16:21
.@stephenfirth shares some top tips for content creators in finance, insurance and services over on @creativebrief
Tweet : Apr 6th 2017 11:32
@MorganF_Gemini @Tyrrells Thank you. Sorry for a late reply!
Tweet : Apr 6th 2017 11:31
RT @TheDrumNetwork: SXSW17 Trends: Are VR and AR more a hope than a reality? @GravityThinking via @thedrum
Tweet : Apr 6th 2017 11:31
RT @MorganF_Gemini: @GravityThinking's @DigitalMartyn on the opportunity for emotional connection in #financial services #marketing https:/
Tweet : Mar 27th 2017 14:14
RT @thisiskays: Agencies need to love their brands. Amanda Taylor of @GravityThinking shares why. #agency #marketing Download here: https:/
Tweet : Mar 17th 2017 11:37
5 days of @sxsw - brand, technology, culture and wildcards from our Managing Partner @ajfroberts
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 09:36
Good morning. Our Creative director @DigitalMartyn is at #martec17 today. Say hello.
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 05:34
RT @chasethisnow: There's a new BOSS in the office and it's changing stuff - Hello #AI via @WSJ #SXSW
Tweet : Mar 15th 2017 05:33
RT @chasethisnow: Here are some of the coolest installations at #SXSW
News : Jul 19th 2016 by Andrew Roberts
Hyundai UK has launched a series of films that test whether or it’s possible to drive using the positive thought alone
News : Dec 16th 2015 by Andrew Roberts
Following a four-way pitch, Gravity Thinking has been appointed as Hyundai Motor UK’s first ever-retained social media agency.
News : Dec 16th 2015 by Andrew Roberts
Why Glenfiddich chose emotional storytelling through video

Hyundai UK - i10 Influencer Campaign
Hyundai UK
i10 Influencer Campaign
Branded content, Social
Our latest influencer campaign designed to help reposition the i10 brand positively with millennials
Apr 10th 2017 16:55:30
Hyundai - What would you do with two more minutes a day?
(Hyundai UK)
What would you do with two more minutes a day?
Branded content, Digital, Social
Inspired by the 2 more minutes of light Jan brings we asked 4 inspiring influencers how they use it.
Jan 12th 2017 13:29:23
Hyundai  - Hyundai IONIQ Presents: Light The Way With Jake Humphrey
(Hyundai )
Hyundai IONIQ Presents: Light The Way With Jake Humphrey
Digital, Social
Jake Humphrey launching the Hyundai IONIQ lighting the way towards the future of electric vehicles.
Nov 11th 2016 09:27:28
Hyundai Cars - Essentials
Hyundai Cars
(Hyundai Motor Company)
Branded content, Digital, Social
A selection of 5-6 lifestyle videos highlighting the usefulness of the different Hyundai models
Nov 3rd 2016 11:30:04
Hyundai Cars - A different kind of in-car tour - Hyundai Kids Car Tours
Hyundai Cars
(Hyundai Uk)
A different kind of in-car tour - Hyundai Kids Car Tours
Branded content, Digital, Social
What happened when one of our dealers took a different audience through 4 of our cars? #KidsCarTours
Aug 18th 2016 13:57:34

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