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Tweet : Jul 16th 2018 19:30
You know you want to double down on your CX efforts. Now what? DL our free guide to getting started: #CX #brand
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Have you applied for #LPKDesignBlitz yet? It's 24 hours of blood, sweat, tears and fun. Learn more about the Blitz and see if you could be the right candidate:
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About last night: stirring conversation on #sustainability with great company; stunning food by @FrogbyAH. Request an invite for our next #LPKSupperClub. Cities and dates here:
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Can't wait to break bread and talk #sustainability with Mark Shayler (@greenape) tonight at @FrogbyAH in London. #LPKSupperClub
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Is your brand fit for a new #sustainability era? Tonight in London: we're hosting our Innovation Supper Club on achieving sustainability in the ever-changing brandscape.
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Time to Blitz! For 5 years and counting, we've worked with deserving #nonprofits to transform their brands and strengthen our communities—in just #24hours. Apply now for this year's event: #LPKdesignblitz #5yearsofblitz #LPKgivesback
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Nicholas Partridge has 10 more stellar card decks to up your #innovation & #design game: (One of @IXchat's top 20 articles for June.) @KnewNewNeu
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As @mwintrob says, desires are a cheat code for brands. Download our quick guide.
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Want to see quick business growth and deeper consumer allegiance? Tap into their desires—the primal truths that color preference and drive decision-making. Download our Primal Desires Canvas to get started —
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Remember the Planters Cheez Balls you ate by the handful as a kid? Well, they’re back. #proudpartner — @MrPeanut @foodandwine
Tweet : Jul 5th 2018 14:30
#Trends in #auto branding: @volvocars joins growing troop of car-sharing mobility platforms, catering to where and how consumers really want to drive. #resonance #innovation #tech
Tweet : Jul 3rd 2018 14:27
How do you propel your brand into emergent territory with the assurance you won't damage existing equity? Create a Minimum Viable Brand. MVBs are the easiest way for innovators to pilot new propositions with low risk. Get our free e-book —
Tweet : Jun 29th 2018 19:02
It's already a brand focused on "food with integrity," but Chipotle's push to be *more* purpose-driven (and more relevant) is driving new experience #innovation ideas.
Tweet : Jun 29th 2018 17:28
This week we hosted #DAAPcamp at our Brand Innovation Center, in partnership with @ucdaap. Thanks to the young, brilliant minds who came out! #DAAPworks @uofcincy
Tweet : Jun 27th 2018 15:20
Prepare your tastebuds: proud to partner with @Pringles on its #NashvilleHotChicken release.
Tweet : Jun 27th 2018 15:08
The best brands are #enduring ones that keep expressing their promise in fresh ways in #emergent culture. Case in point: @Pringles with its new #NashvilleHotChicken flavor. (No wet wipes needed.) More on our project via @adage —
Tweet : Jun 25th 2018 23:01
Culture driving craft—and commerce. (via @tmagazine)
Tweet : Jun 25th 2018 16:27
Must a brand be "beautiful?" Depends on your definition—but people do possess an innate preference for it. Here's a quick video on 5 aesthetic territories that will resonate with consumers in the near future. (Hat-tip to #LPKTrends) —
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2018 16:21
Huge congrats to our senior designer Jordan Wright (@JayDub293), one of @BRANDPACKAGING's 30 #RisingDesignStars under 30 —
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It's all about #CX these days—but your team needs a common language to develop it successfully. Get our (free) CX Terms Mapping Exercise for a lay of the land —
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If the industrial revolution shifted employment toward payroll jobs, the digital one pushed it back to gigs. Looking forward to hearing Ted Catino, co-founder of @GigSmartApp, discuss the #gigeconomy tonight at @AMACincinnati —
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 19:24
Our innovation team is working on future-forward ways to elevate and humanize the healthcare patient experience. The real beauty of this approach is it's industry-agnostic. Any business can grow by bridging the #enduring and #emergent. #WhiteboardWednesday
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 17:36
Brands, speak with regional nuance and global appeal. #words #voice #language
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 22:50
The future is entirely unknown—or is it? A #MondayMemo from @bryangoodpaster on the power of #trends to future-prime brands for success.
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 15:22
ICYMI: Our 7 #brandhacks to reign Amazon, by Strategy Dr. @cakestrizz —
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 01:45
The 5 biggest sociocultural shifts happening—and how brands can seize their aesthetic trends to get ahead and grow. Watch the webinar: #LPKtrends #aesthetics2020
Tweet : Jun 6th 2018 19:39
Does your brand have relevance, or resonance? Big difference. Nathan Hendricks explains:
Tweet : Jun 6th 2018 15:51
Not every small startup will succeed in disrupting—but how does a brand know which ones to keep an eye on, and when to take action? The struggle is real, but @mwintrob has answers that benefit a business of any size:
Tweet : Jun 6th 2018 14:41
In China, consumers are choosing coffee over tea, claiming there's cachet in adopting western practices. Starbucks alone has plans for 3,000 new stores there in the next 5 years. Via @YahooNews —
Tweet : Jun 4th 2018 22:33
"70% of business leaders see greater alignment between business and environmental goals than five years ago; 61% attribute this to emerging tech," says @wef. The 4th wave of environmentalism is here—and brands like Unilever and Levi are on board:

Yogi Tea - A Brand Fit for the Mass Market
Yogi Tea
(Yogi Tea)
A Brand Fit for the Mass Market
Branding / design
Yogi Tea partnered with LPK to release a lineup tailored to mainstream shelves and consumers.
Aug 21st 2017 14:23:34
Gerber Grill Cheese - Gerber Takes to the BBQ
Gerber Grill Cheese
Gerber Takes to the BBQ
Branding / design
The fondue brand partnered with LPK to debut their line of grill-ready cheese patties.
Aug 21st 2017 14:23:22
Tampax & Always Radiant - Off the Runway, into Her Bag
Tampax & Always Radiant
(Procter & Gamble)
Off the Runway, into Her Bag
Branding / design
The Radiant collection by Tampax & Always embraces the bolder side of femininity.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:52
Pinnacle - Top of the Leaderboard
(Acushnet Company)
Top of the Leaderboard
Branding / design
We drove Pinnacle to greener grass with a new brand design that resonates with casual golfers.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:35
Pringles - A Brand Fit for a Party
A Brand Fit for a Party
Branding / design
To celebrate its 25th year in the UK, Pringles design pushes snacking beyond the ordinary.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:10

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