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Tweet : Mar 21st 2018 15:09
Why does innovation fall flat? There's more than one reason—enough to fill a deck of cards. Introducing Roadblocks, a new tool from LPK. Get your free deck here:
Tweet : Mar 21st 2018 14:58
Unleash the innovators. If you're in Cincinnati, join @JimStengel on April 11 for a discussion of his new book, exploring how mature companies can find new life with startups. RSVP:
Tweet : Mar 16th 2018 17:20
Want successful innovation? Stack the deck. We're at @CentricIndiana for a workshop with our Roadblocks to Innovation card game. Learn more:
Tweet : Mar 16th 2018 16:49
"It used to be 4 or 5 people sitting in a room behind a 2-way mirror, answering somewhat leading questions. Not anymore." Bhavik Joshi is on a mission to humanize brands with unconventional research methods. Get to know the head of our insights practice:
Tweet : Mar 15th 2018 16:01
RT @toritasch: Conversational UI has exposed that we don’t know our brands as well as we need to. Brand character as we’ve thought about it
Tweet : Mar 15th 2018 13:37
Body positive: emergent trends in beauty show a shift to acceptance vs. aspiration. Take @BuzzFeed's newest vertical: lifestyle brand AS/IS —
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 21:35
"It’s not enough to simply know the trends and feel inspired by them?—?organizations need to activate on trends too," says Innovation Director @rollermt. More on our Medium page:
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 15:32
Wise words at #SXSW this morning, via @toritasch
Tweet : Mar 11th 2018 15:13
We've sprung forward—time to start filling the new season's calendar. @JerryKathman will talk innovation and branding at @CincyAAChamber's The Exchange on 3/15. Join us!
Tweet : Mar 9th 2018 20:26
A new kind of creative brief, proposed by @brucemaudesign at #SXSW2018 (via @toritasch)
Tweet : Mar 9th 2018 17:00
How design means business to the modern CEO, via @FortuneMagazine —
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 15:05
To the women of LPK, and the women of the world, #HappyInternationalWomensDay.
Tweet : Mar 6th 2018 15:35
"Not outputs or inputs—but impact."
Tweet : Mar 5th 2018 22:23
7 brand hacks to reign Amazon, straight from Strategy Director @cakestrizz —
Tweet : Mar 5th 2018 17:59
Want to create a more effective customer experience? Start mapping it differently, says @KnewNewNeu: #RoadblockstoInnovation
Tweet : Mar 5th 2018 14:21
Buyer beware: every year on March 15th, millions of Chinese consumers watch "315," a nationally televised program that exposes unfair practices by popular brands —
Tweet : Mar 2nd 2018 14:22
A recap of where numbers netted on digital transformation (DX) last year—and what it means for 2018.
Tweet : Mar 1st 2018 14:29
What to do with Alexa? Here's the next big threat to consumer brands. (via @mwintrob, via @JimStengel)
Tweet : Feb 26th 2018 19:48
Quantity vs. quality? It's got to be both, says @robthebug. He's at @BXPLive this week for talks on omnichannel brand experiences: #MondayMemo #BXPLive
Tweet : Feb 25th 2018 14:42
From "haha" to "ah-ha." Did you see our piece on comedy-fueled insights? Read about our collab with @funnyordie:
Tweet : Feb 23rd 2018 20:43
They have a 40-year legacy of nourishing people in Cincinnati—but needed a brand that embodies their cause. Introducing Queen City Kitchen:
Tweet : Feb 23rd 2018 15:16
Comedians have this way of saying what all of us are thinking—and that's why we turned to them for better consumer insights. More from @rollermt:
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2018 20:33
Everything’s ultra-beautiful in Savannah. We’re in Georgia today and tomorrow, meeting talented students at @SCADdotedu. #SCAD
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2018 19:41
Who's headed to #BXPLive next week? We'll be there, talking elevated brand experiences in a quickly changing landscape. Register:
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2018 16:27
A cut above: @Gillette debuted our redesign—its biggest and most innovative yet. More on @thegrocer:
Tweet : Feb 21st 2018 22:15
Loved hosting @CentricIndy today to talk #innovation at our Cincinnati HQ. Come back soon!
Tweet : Feb 20th 2018 19:45
RT @rollermt: I just published “How Influencers Shared the Self-Love Trend and Shaped the market”
Tweet : Feb 20th 2018 15:50
@FastCompany unveils the world's 50 #mostinnovative companies of 2018. Any guesses?
Tweet : Feb 19th 2018 20:37
This Thursday at LPK Salon: making the business case for "cute." Join us: #MondayMemos
Tweet : Feb 19th 2018 17:04
RT @pgrocer: Is #Amazon killing #grocery, or just forcing it to innovate and consolidate?

Yogi Tea - A Brand Fit for the Mass Market
Yogi Tea
(Yogi Tea)
A Brand Fit for the Mass Market
Branding / design
Yogi Tea partnered with LPK to release a lineup tailored to mainstream shelves and consumers.
Aug 21st 2017 14:23:34
Gerber Grill Cheese - Gerber Takes to the BBQ
Gerber Grill Cheese
Gerber Takes to the BBQ
Branding / design
The fondue brand partnered with LPK to debut their line of grill-ready cheese patties.
Aug 21st 2017 14:23:22
Tampax & Always Radiant - Off the Runway, into Her Bag
Tampax & Always Radiant
(Procter & Gamble)
Off the Runway, into Her Bag
Branding / design
The Radiant collection by Tampax & Always embraces the bolder side of femininity.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:52
Pinnacle - Top of the Leaderboard
(Acushnet Company)
Top of the Leaderboard
Branding / design
We drove Pinnacle to greener grass with a new brand design that resonates with casual golfers.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:35
Pringles - A Brand Fit for a Party
A Brand Fit for a Party
Branding / design
To celebrate its 25th year in the UK, Pringles design pushes snacking beyond the ordinary.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:10

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