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Tweet : Mar 23rd 2018 10:36
A journey of Great British design, with a crunchy twist. @creativebrief
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RT @BrayLearning: “Without a story what’s left? Facts. Data. Descriptions...We need information. But we crave stories" - Pete James, Head o
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How to get abs like ours in minutes. Do social media Like a Pro! @creativebrief
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#TBT freshening up rock festival revellers with Mondelez @creativebrief
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RT @BrayLeino_CX: How do you keep customers happy and satisfied - and therefore loyal? Our CX Innovation Club, Thursday 26th April, will ta
Tweet : Mar 20th 2018 10:10
Smashed it at this year's #OTCAwards with our new Iglu ad. Talk about an explosive idea! @creativebrief
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RT @northdevontv: The office is looking very pretty this evening @brayleino :) @
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RT @nrg_devon: ???????? And it’s done. Celebrating creativity, outside London. Full on, but fun. #RosesCreative #celebratinggreatwork #outsidelon
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RT @KaraMelchers: Here's what I learnt at #SXSW
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RT @RosesAwards: The decisions are being made. How exciting! #rosescreative
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RT @nrg_devon: Enjoying the heated debates whilst judging the Drum’s Roses Creative Awards #fun #rosescreative #brayleinolife #judging @bra
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RT @kcox16: Can’t say yet but the Client is a corker! Get in touch if you want to work in pretty much every channel, for market leading br
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RT @BrayLeinoJobs: .@brayleino are looking for a #Senior #Account #Manager to join the team in #Filleigh #Devon - h
Tweet : Mar 14th 2018 08:20
RT @kcox16: Love ‘shouting out’ what everyone respects in each other, shows how the little things matter and how support, working together
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RT @BradleyStacey: I hear my awesome team got some amazing shout outs today. And why wouldn’t they? #legends #proud #bestteam #tech https:/
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Lots of love in the room at today's monthly shout-out sesh. #teamawesome #agencylife
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 15:34
RT @BradleyStacey: Great to see one of our #ar apps in action at #OI18 @fugro
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 06:32
Pretty chuffed that the @SuperbrandsUK #B2B top ten includes three of our Clients.
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 15:28
Smashed it at this year's #OTCAwards with our new Iglu ad. Talk about an explosive idea! @creativebrief
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 11:11
Build day for @OceanologyIntl #Oi18 - the #Bromance is deep.
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 09:54
RT @Designpimp: @brayleino head of technology @BradleyStacey rocking the hi-vis and taking care of business #seasontrends #neon #looksmartw
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The art of marketing mixology. @creativebrief
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 08:20
Aisles? Where we're going, we don't need aisles... by #FMCG #MarketingStrategy
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RT @Freederm: We know everyone’s skincare needs are different. Find the product combo that works for you at
Tweet : Mar 9th 2018 16:55
RT @BrayLeino_CX: It's not for everyone!
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 23:39
That’s more like it. WINNERS @OTCAwards
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 23:25
A WIN for Iglu. How sober do we look? #OTCawards @OTCAwards
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 22:46
#OTCawards winner. BEST AUDIO VISUAL! #IGLU - here it is: @OTCAwards #otc #marketingawards
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 22:42
RT @OTCAwards: The next award is for best otc visual advertising the award goes to Iglu Diomed Developments @brayleino #otc #marketingawards
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 21:49
Hugh is taking this seriously #shhhh #OTCawards @OTCAwards
News : Mar 9th 2017 by Matt Henkes
Gold in the OTC Awards for Covonia: Feel the Power. Read more:
News : Jan 19th 2017 by Matt Henkes
We're in the top 3 B2B Agencies for the fifth year running
News : Dec 16th 2016 by Matt Henkes
We decided to do something to make a difference this Xmas:
News : Nov 17th 2016 by Matt Henkes
Our head of social media started a hugely successful campaign to raise money for Refuge, find out more:
News : Apr 28th 2016 by Matt Henkes
We've appointed a new Executive Creative Director Nicola Roberts. Read more:

iglü - Sticks. Soothes. Shields.
(Diomed Developments)
Sticks. Soothes. Shields.
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated marketing, Media planning & buying
Winner of best TV campaign in the OTC Marketing Awards 2018. Read more:
Mar 9th 2018 08:05:13
Tefal - #ToastOfBritain
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated marketing, Media planning & buying
Driving awareness among consumers who appreciate outstanding design
Feb 14th 2018 15:40:06
Kalms Lavendar - Anxiety
Kalms Lavendar
(G.R Lane Health Products Ltd)
1 in 5 people live with anxiety. Kalms Lavender asked us to help them see they’re not alone.
Dec 13th 2017 15:43:24
Benenox - Go.Do.Be
(Thornton & Ross)
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated marketing
Category launch inspires Millennials to Go.Do.Be. Find out more:
Nov 2nd 2017 16:25:42
#2MinuteBeachClean - #2MinuteBeachClean
(Martin Dorey)
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated marketing
2 minutes picking up beach litter might seem insignificant. It's not:
Oct 24th 2017 12:32:08

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