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Tweet : Oct 20th 2017 10:36
RT @itvwestcountry: West Country landmarks recreated in toast
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 20:31
We've won!* *We haven't won. Yet. @paulwtrueman just got carried away during dinner.
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 20:23
Yes Joe! #eight #countthem #DADIawards
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 19:49
When you're so close to the stage you think you must be up for some bling... #DADIawards
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 19:34
Probably nothing to worry about...
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 18:00
Research and data insight from top people today, thanks @Canvas8 @equinitidata @Experian_UK @eMarketer @StartPulsing @pollfish @Stylus_LIVE
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 13:05
The stuff dreams are made of. You know, those dreams where incredible pizzas get freshly made at your office.
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 12:12
Our head of #socialmedia, on social. #SMM
Tweet : Oct 18th 2017 15:29
Epic journey. Awesome Client. Great work everyone!
Tweet : Oct 18th 2017 11:20
RT @BradleyStacey: “Apple and Google have effectively just placed AR tech into the hands of millions of people” well put @Designpimp #ar #m
Tweet : Oct 18th 2017 10:52
RT @TefalUK: To celebrate our new Avanti Classic range, we're hitting the road recreating iconic British designs...out of toast. https://t.
Tweet : Oct 18th 2017 09:21
Here's the work wot won it. @covoniauk #DIAwards @_digital_impact
Tweet : Oct 17th 2017 22:39
@gemclapp @chrisegner @paulwtrueman Hot chocolate is the new punk rock ????????????? ?????
Tweet : Oct 17th 2017 21:48
We won the silver ????. Let the party begin! @covoniauk #DIAwards @_digital_impact
Tweet : Oct 17th 2017 20:06
Ready for the fun to begin ????????@covoniauk #DIAwards
Tweet : Oct 17th 2017 19:48
The @_digital_impact awards are about to kick off. Chuffed to be here with @covoniauk for their awesome social campaign #DIAwards
Tweet : Oct 17th 2017 15:52
Where do people get their culinary inspiration? #MarketingInsight
Tweet : Oct 17th 2017 15:51
RT @BrayLeinoEvents: Our MD of #Event #Management , Luke Brown, talks to @CITmagazine about his approach to pitching #eventprofs https://t.
Tweet : Oct 17th 2017 11:14
RT @TefalUK: That #redsun reminds us of something. We can’t quite put our fingers on it
Tweet : Oct 16th 2017 15:57
RT @thegoodwebguide: Nigel Hammersley @brayleino asks why is everyone freaking out about AR? #themissiongwgawards
Tweet : Oct 16th 2017 09:20
The food issue consumers care about most is #AnimalWelfare - Download the food & drink trends 2017 report:
Tweet : Oct 15th 2017 16:32
RT @JacobSymes: Amazing day at #missionunbreakable with the immense @brayleino team in support of
Tweet : Oct 15th 2017 11:32
RT @FarmingFutures: Food & Drink, post-Brexit. What do we care about? @brayleino
Tweet : Oct 13th 2017 15:12
RT @paulwtrueman: When you get to spend Friday morning on the beach. @brayleino's finest do the #2minutebeachclean with all-round genius @c
Tweet : Oct 13th 2017 14:44
How many little bits of plastic in 1 sq ft of this pristine North Devon beach? #2minutebeachclean
Tweet : Oct 13th 2017 10:53
How do we prepare our children for a world where technology rules? #RaspberryPi
Tweet : Oct 13th 2017 10:11
RT @kcox16: Martin Dorey @campervanliving previously one of the @brayleino crew, is here inspiring the team about #2minutebeachclean #every
Tweet : Oct 13th 2017 09:17
Bacon sangers in The Roost this morning - #missionunbreakable fundraisers' email game is strong. @NDevonHospice
Tweet : Oct 12th 2017 16:00
Gideon's #RoadTrip rules. Rule 4: Bring sandwiches.
Tweet : Oct 12th 2017 14:59
Tomorrow, we go to the beach! #2minutebeachclean
News : Mar 9th 2017 by Matt Henkes
Gold in the OTC Awards for Covonia: Feel the Power. Read more:
News : Jan 19th 2017 by Matt Henkes
We're in the top 3 B2B Agencies for the fifth year running
News : Dec 16th 2016 by Matt Henkes
We decided to do something to make a difference this Xmas:
News : Nov 17th 2016 by Matt Henkes
Our head of social media started a hugely successful campaign to raise money for Refuge, find out more:
News : Apr 28th 2016 by Matt Henkes
We've appointed a new Executive Creative Director Nicola Roberts. Read more:

Ibuleve - Animal Power
(Diomed Developments)
Animal Power
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated marketing
A campaign is built on a promise – pain relief gel is as effective as pills
Sep 25th 2017 10:58:00
WKD - For The Now
For The Now
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated marketing
Putting WKD’s new identity out there this summer. Read more:
Aug 3rd 2017 10:35:52
Freederm - Helping youth #beFREE
(Diomed Developments)
Helping youth #beFREE
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated marketing
Fans buy Freederm because it works. They love the brand because it articulates the meaning of beFREE
Jul 3rd 2017 10:48:22
i heart Wines - For people who know what they love
i heart Wines
(i heart Wines)
For people who know what they love
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
'i heart' wanted their first ever media campaign to grow the love. More:
Jun 8th 2017 11:11:17
Infineum - SV160 Launch: Advanced Molecular Technology
SV160 Launch: Advanced Molecular Technology
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Integrated marketing
The international B2B launch of Infineum's latest fuel additive:
Jun 1st 2017 10:34:23

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