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How to finally stop taking useless notes at work @FastCompany
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What drives designers? Our take on #designcensus16 via @FastCoDesign @AIGAdesign
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RT @julieanixter: Join @SiegleGale & other design-led companies as we honor @Bloomberg at the @AIGAdesign 2017 Awards Gala
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What's the cost of complexity? Download our Global Brand Simplicity Index to learn how #SimplicityPays
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What does Trump's attack on media means for brands? @HuffPostUK @ahmadb84
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25 inspirational Steve Jobs quotes #MondayMotivation
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3 questions on bringing a B2B company to life during a merger, acquisition or spinoff @cityswan
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Catch up with patients to keep your brand relevant: Tips from Katie Conway via @PM360online
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500 of the most iconic graphic designs of all time @itsnicethat
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What we're reading: What creativity in marketing looks like today @HarvardBiz @MarkBonchek
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We're #hiring a director of employee engagement in NYC. Apply here ????
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4 questions on brands in the age of uncertainty with @zohairhz
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The future of what brand is will be shaped by AI. @ahmadb84 via @HuffPostUK
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Design in Tech Report #SXSW. Design isn’t just about beauty; it’s about market relevance + results @johnmaeda
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How brands can reap the rewards of simplicity @MargaretMolloy via @Forbes
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Top five digital transformation trends in health care @ForbesCMO
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SMPL Q&A: 3 questions on SXSW with @EganMatt
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The greatest praise we can bestow on a leader is to call them a simplifier. Meet @jjones #CMO
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28 quotes on simplicity #FridayMotivation
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What does Trump's attack on media means for brands? @HuffPostUK @ahmadb84
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Can older brands fight the flab? @Steowen @TransformSays
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How to become a purpose-driven leader @LeeColan via @Inc
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We are #hiring???? View our strategy openings in NY, LA + San Fran. Apply here: #job
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The hierarchy of user experience components @Econsultancy #CX #UX
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Our #CMO talks brand, marketing + simplicity with @MarkEvansFeed @DLGroupMedia

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