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???? Read our Simplifiers interview with @blueapron #CMO Jared Cluff
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Our #CMO @MargaretMolloy on five untold approaches to innovation via @TheDrum ??
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"What's unique about #Muji is people don't go there with a specific item in their mind. I don't think that there are many other brands like that." Muji is not just about minimalism + simplicity @dezeen
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The state of UX for 2018 @UXPlanet
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More like reindeers up to mischief ???? Enjoy the festivities ????
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Hackers are targeting your mobile phone. Here are 15 ways to slow them down @HarvardBiz
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How to let go at the end of the workday @HarvardBiz
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North Korean graphic design book reveals colorful glimpse into the country: @designtaxi
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Here’s what people were Googling in 2017 @TechCrunch
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Read our Simplifiers interview with @hopeandchange #CMO at @RecordingAcad ??
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RT @MargaretMolloy: About to take the stage to talk simplicity + brand w/ @HopeFrank @Mercer Kim Salzer, @Ozobot Evan Greene, @RecordingAca
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RT @lorialmeida: Celebrating our December birthdays @SiegelGale
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"The art of turning the language of branding into language of the boardroom is to keep it simple." Ben Osborne
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"Purpose has enormous power to focus, galvanize and unify an organization. It makes good organizations better." @Howardbelk Thrilled to be at @SAP Hudson Yards office today for a lively discussion on purpose. Thanks for hosting, @aliciatillman ????
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David Bowie, ELO, & The National: 5 fonts inspired by music @EnvatoElements
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4 steps to having more "Aha" moments @HarvardBiz
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50 productivity tips to boost your brainpower ???? #Infographic @wrike
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In search of holiday reads? Check out @billgates suggestions - 5 amazing books I read this year ??
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Johnson Gu talks w/ @CampaignAsia about branding + why consistency reigns in China
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John Lewis’ $9M Christmas ad reenacted by students at 0.01% of original cost @designtaxi
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Why memory is your most powerful tool for building customer relationships
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Pantone’s VP on how color trends are predicted each year @designtaxi
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All of 2017’s biggest pop moments + news in one detailed illustration @designtaxi
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Why designers quit their jobs to work at @Moma @AIGAeyeondesign
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#LunchTimeRead: 10 iconic logos. 156 Americans. 80 hours of drawing from memory.
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"Brand champions understand what their companies stand for and are committed to their success." @MargaretMolloy explores the findings of our Simplicity at Work study via @CMO_com ??
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RT @lorialmeida: The White Elephant is about to begin @SiegelGale
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The state of UX for 2018 @UXPlanet

Birchbox - A fresh face for the beauty disruptor
A fresh face for the beauty disruptor
Brand strategy, Branding / design
Positioning Birchbox for success globally with an aesthetic that celebrates what beauty really is.
Aug 3rd 2017 09:45:40
Andrews - Proving that there is such a thing as an honest estate agent
(Andrews Property Group)
Proving that there is such a thing as an honest estate agent
Brand Activation, Brand strategy, Branding / design
A new purpose, story and transformative visual identity to position Andrews for a new era.
Jul 27th 2017 16:18:15

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