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"We are here on earth to do good to others. What the others are here for, I do not know." - Matthew Arnold
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On Soothing: "Those in the greatest need of soothing often have no idea of what is missing, no sensible way of articulating their need – and a dogged suspicion of kindness were it to be offered to them." Read more:
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The School of Life is hiring. We are looking for a talented sales manager to join our Learning and Development team, bringing emotional intelligence into the workplace. More details and apply here:
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When we're tired at the end of the week and feeling ineffectual, we should remind ourselves of the patient power of a stream wearing away a block of granite and take comfort in the knowledge that all change takes time. Eastern Philosophies for Daily Life:
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The burden of choice falls squarely upon us. The only thing determining whether to stay or leave a relationship is how we feel, which can be a very hard matter to work out for ourselves: our feelings are fickle and hard to make sense of. Find out more:
Tweet : May 25th 2018 09:30
Why We’re All Messed Up By Our Childhoods: "We make our lives tougher than they should be because we insist on thinking of people as evil and mean rather than, as is almost invariably the case, the victims of an extremely tricky early history." Read more:
Tweet : May 24th 2018 14:09
Do you find yourself worrying about "the worst case scenario?" Actually there is often great relief to be found in imagining the darkest scenarios and being able to see that we could, ultimately, survive them.
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Sane Insanity: "The sane-insane among us are not a special category of the mentally unwell: they represent the most evolved possibility for a mature human being." Read more:
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"The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live - moreover, the only one." - E.M. Cioran
Tweet : May 23rd 2018 11:15
The Imperfection Pot knows that perfection is overrated. It reminds us that imperfection is both inevitable and beautiful. Learn more:
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What We Might Learn in Couples Therapy: "Couples therapy is a classroom where we can learn how to love. We’re often so embarrassed at not having a clue how to do so, we leave things until we are too angry or despairing to do anything but hate." Read more:
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 14:06
Achieving a lot sounds like a wonderful idea, but we should pause before envying over-achievers too much.
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 11:00
We dramatise success and catastrophise failure; we thereby ignore what is far the most likely option for us, being sort of OK. It sounds undramatic, and that’s a good thing. That’s a habitable zone - and it’s almost certainly where we are headed:
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 09:30
The Challenges of Anxious-Avoidant Relationships: "We cannot – most of us – be wholly healthy in love, but we can be something almost as beneficial: we can grow into people committed to explaining our unhealthy, trauma-driven behaviour." Read more:
Tweet : May 21st 2018 12:30
Many relationships begin with a deeply misleading but charming sense that we can tell a partner everything. In fact it is ultimately no great sign of kindness to insist on showing someone our entire selves at all times. Think through the Sorrows of Love:
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"Beauty will result from the form and the correspondence of the whole, with respect to the several parts, of the parts with regard to each other, and of these again to the whole." - Andrea Palladio
Tweet : May 21st 2018 09:50
How We Get Damaged by Emotional Neglect: "Many of us wander the world bearing a lot of emotional damage. It’s a provocative and yet extremely accurate answer that the damage comes, almost always, from childhood, especially early childhood." Read more:
Tweet : May 20th 2018 09:30
Why Psychotherapy Works: "One good relationship becomes the model for relationships. The therapist’s moderate, intelligent voice becomes part of our own inner dialogue. We are cured through continuous, repeated exposure to sanity and kindness." Read more:
Tweet : May 19th 2018 11:30
"If some longing goes unmet, don't be astonished. We call that Life." - Anna Freud
Tweet : May 19th 2018 11:00
We believe that if you expect the worst, and the worst doesn’t happen, you will be beautifully relieved and grateful. And if you expect the worst to happen and it does, your pessimism will function as a crucial shock absorber. Discover more in class:
Tweet : May 19th 2018 10:30
As we turn our attention to a particularly high profile wedding here in the UK, we find ourselves discussing traditions, ceremonies and family politics with renewed fascination. Explore The School of Life's redesigned take on the big day: #RoyalWedding2018
Tweet : May 19th 2018 09:30
The Golden Child Syndrome: "Love should involve an agnosticism around a child’s eventual level of worldly success. It shouldn't matter to the parent where a child ends up – or rather, it should matter only in so far as it matters to the child." Read more:
Tweet : May 18th 2018 13:30
Embark on a Spring Clean for the Mind. At The School of Life we believe in the therapeutic nature of clearing away the cobwebs and sorting through our possessions. Shop our spring sale, up to 50% off for a limited time only:
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Modern life can keep us so busy that we forget (or avoid) the essential need to stop and check in with ourselves in order to take care of our own emotional lives. Our fully trained psychotherapists are able to help us with this: #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek
Tweet : May 18th 2018 09:30
How to Complain So a Partner Will Listen: "It is the prerogative of adulthood to be able to complain; we simply need to give ourselves the space and compassion to learn to do so successfully, which means, with an absence of sarcasm or rage." Read more:
Tweet : May 17th 2018 14:41
No one is ever quite normal or sane: however, what we can aim for is 'sane insanity'. Today's film looks at what exactly this is and what it means for us.
Tweet : May 17th 2018 13:05
The power of culture emerges best when we rely on it as a therapeutic tool. During #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, discover more in our classroom on How Culture Can Change Your Life:
Tweet : May 17th 2018 11:30
"Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Tweet : May 17th 2018 09:30
How the Modern World Makes Us Mentally Ill: "The forces of psychological distress in our world are currently much wealthier & more active than the needed cures. We deserve tender pity for the price we have to pay for being born in modern times" Read more:
Tweet : May 17th 2018 09:10
Choosing a partner is one of the trickiest and most consequential decisions we will ever make. Study three of the most common techniques by which we sabotage our chances of fulfilment, and more:

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