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Tweet : Apr 27th 2017 15:37
Delighted to receive a top marketing award at the Drum RAR Awards. ‘Here’s to all the Multiply teams and our great clients, cheers!' #winner
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 22:45
Yasss! Delighted.
Tweet : Apr 17th 2017 01:26
RT @MarketingSocSco: ? ?BRAND EXPERIENCE shortlist: @aps_group / @natlibscot > @wearematerial / @yoursse > @MultiplyAgency / @HighlandPark
Tweet : Mar 31st 2017 16:32
This #MothersDay , we created a super special card for the winner of our competition. Watch it come to life in this video:
Tweet : Mar 30th 2017 20:47
RT @rae_robin: Effective & nuanced innovation with design BETs @tobiasahlin @Mojang #dibi2017
Tweet : Mar 30th 2017 20:47
RT @rae_robin: Excellent talk on UX & managing expectation through experimentation and trend analysis with @vibhabamba @Airbnb #dibi2017 ht
Tweet : Mar 30th 2017 20:47
RT @rae_robin: 'Creativity is the very last thing the machines will steal from us' @mikekus #dibi2017
Tweet : Mar 30th 2017 16:43
We're at Design It. Build It. over the next two days, discussing UX design & risk taking, experimentation & trend analysis #dibi2017
Tweet : Mar 29th 2017 11:45
We're delighted to be nominated. Big thanks to all our clients for your support.
Tweet : Mar 24th 2017 16:38
Well done to all of the participants at last nights #BigBookCrit. Our Head of Creative @JenWoodLike had a great night! #nextgeneration
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2017 17:34
Excellent day at #DataFest17, massive thanks to @DataLabScotland for a great event. #DataChangesEverything
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 13:51
@WeAreWire @MarketingSocSco it was a pleasure.
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 08:46
RT @AgencyRegister: Kudos to @HeyHumanAgency, @Oakwood_Agency, @refinerygroup, @chscreative, @MultiplyAgency and Clarity. You are finalists
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 11:34
A fab campaign that Multiply are proud to be part of. We’re building #engagement on #social channels. Read on ...
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 09:38
More from @jamesnimmyking at yesterday's @insightshow finding out more about the latest trends in #insight, #content and #tech. #Insight17
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 14:40
RT @BigDavidRoberts: Pledge your commitment to building an equal & thriving marketing community in Scotland now: #m
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 14:29
@JamesNimmyKing is checking out @InsightShow today. Good work fella. #Insight17
Tweet : Mar 3rd 2017 16:59
Strong ??, strong thinking, country music & ????. These are a few of our new head of creative Jen's favourite things:
Tweet : Feb 24th 2017 16:52
Our scrum machine for Caledonia Best is @the3sistersbar tonight and @BarConstitution on Saturday and Sunday #6nations #brandexperience
Tweet : Feb 24th 2017 10:41
<HIRING> ?????? with A to C# love for code + mad problem solving, system design skillz = our .NET Developer </HIRING>
Tweet : Feb 23rd 2017 15:52
Insightful day at #digiscot @ourdynamicearth. Discussing digital transformation through people-driven change.
Tweet : Feb 23rd 2017 11:10
RT @rachel_davies93: Future of Social Listening: How @socialrank is turning angry tweets into gift opportunities #socialmedia #digital ht
Tweet : Feb 17th 2017 10:08
Head of Shopper @jensamps88 talks you through our suite of shopper marketing tools.
Tweet : Feb 14th 2017 14:58
Struggling to find a date this Valentine's? Here’s a tip: Don’t use chat up lines! Here are the 5 worst from the people of Multiply
Tweet : Feb 6th 2017 17:25
Personalised Ads - intrusive or a win-win for companies and consumers? Multiply’s @rae_robin gives us her thoughts.
Tweet : Feb 4th 2017 22:59
On a day of great results we're proud of our part in this one! #projection #fanzone #AsOne
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2017 15:42
WE ARE HIRING: Live to create wonders in the virtual world? You might be our next creative digital designer.
Tweet : Jan 31st 2017 17:20
Would you buy a car online? With Hyundai’s launch of a “click to buy” website in the UK, you now have the option.
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 16:13
Are the days of saving points and collecting coupons over? Multiply’s shopper expert Gemma gives us her thoughts.
Tweet : Jan 26th 2017 12:32
Our award winning entry from last year #chipshopawards
News : Jul 6th 2016 by Jenny Myers
Multiply proudly developed the 2016 brand activation strategy for the Orkney Single Malt with Viking Soul, using the Orkney Isles’ Nordic he
News : May 26th 2016 by Jenny Myers
At Multiply our creative cup is always overflowing. That’s why we love The Chip Shop awards: it gives us the opportunity to get our... read more
News : Feb 10th 2016 by Jenny Myers
Looks great on paper, but how will that look in store? It’s a question we hear a lot from clients, and with very good reason. After all, sho

Heinz Tomato Frito and Sofrito  - Heinz Frito and Sofrito Social Content
Heinz Tomato Frito and Sofrito
(Kraft Heinz )
Heinz Frito and Sofrito Social Content
Social media video content to support the launch of Heinz Tomato Frito and Sofrito.
Mar 27th 2017 16:42:29
Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise - Upgrade Your Mayonnaise
Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise
(Kraft Heinz )
Upgrade Your Mayonnaise
Shopper Marketing
In-store merchandising concepts to support the launch of Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise.
Feb 13th 2017 14:18:50
Huggies Wipes  - Huggies Wipes Website Relaunch
Huggies Wipes
(Kimberly-Clark )
Huggies Wipes Website Relaunch
Relaunch of Huggies Wipes website supporting two new product variants – Newborn and Soft Touch.
Feb 7th 2017 17:26:07
Snapple - Snapple Website
(A.G. Barr)
Snapple Website
Pan European website launch to support brand relaunch across key European markets.
Jan 31st 2017 09:20:53
Highland Park Fire  - Highland Park Fire Harrods Window Display
Highland Park Fire
(Highland Park )
Highland Park Fire Harrods Window Display
Shopper Marketing
Retail display (digital and window) to support the launch of Highland Park Fire in Harrods.
Jan 23rd 2017 16:39:02

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