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RT @OgilvyUK: We'll be LIVE at 4pm today to launch our new speaker series #OgilvySessions with @RorySutherland via Facebook Live. Tune in
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What trends should CMOs look out for in 2018? Our CEO, Vicky Bullen, gives her predictions.
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RT @ATVesey: For brands, the importance of colour cannot be underestimated - @VickyBullen @ColeyPorterBell #BrandStrategy
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RT @OgilvyUK: We get up close with our new creative director & former Elle UK editor @LotteJeffs as she talks career highlights & her move
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What's it like to work at Coley Porter Bell? Check out our #CPBteamtakeover series on Instagram #seacontainers #workperks
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RT @OgilvyUK: "As the voice revolution continues its growth in 2018, brands will begin to move from exploring how voice fits into the exper
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RT @OgilvyUK: "Clients will increasingly seek genuinely integrated solutions with brand ideas and a rich visual identity system to bring th
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"15 Examples of #Champagne #Packaging To Help Ring In The New Year" including our #PerrierJouet Belle Epoque packaging design!
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We're holding a #SwapShop today for all @OgilvyUK employees in aid of @ManyOgilvyHands. It's a great way to put unwanted items to good use, and all proceeds and left over items will be donated to charity, so it's a win-win! #workperks #newyearnewwardrobe
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RT @OgilvyUK: "Say goodbye to the packaging brief" says @ColeyPorterBell CEO @VickyBullen. See her full brand design predictions for 2018 h
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RT @OgilvyUK: 2017 has been the year of the everyday #wonderwoman , says @ColeyPorterBell CEO @VickyBullen in @HuffPostUK
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RT @PumpkinLondon: 2017 has been the year of the everyday #wonderwoman, says Vicky Bullen, CEO, @ColeyPorterBell @HuffPostUK
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RT @OgilvyUK: Paul O'Donnell & @ninajas kick off our annual all-company meeting here at Sea Containers!
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RT @creativebrief: New BITE #CreativeIndustryLeader interview with @VickyBullen CEO @ColeyPorterBell talking neuroscience, Don Draper and w
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RT @OgilvyUK: The Match take us inside their first workshop - find out their tips from the day on the Ogilvy UK blog here:
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"Expect the trend of reduction to extend in 2018 as brands wrestle with communicating only what they need to." Our ECD James Ramsden makes his predictions for #branddesign in 2018
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"The packaging brief will become increasingly extinct as clients look to agencies to create visual and experiential identity systems that work fluidly across a brand's complex world." #branddesignpredictions2018
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"Guidelines will shift from being rule books to being inspirational catalysts for the whole of a brand's world." - Our CEO @VickyBullen makes her predictions for #branddesign in 2018
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RT @OgilvyUK: What's on the horizon for brand design in 2018? We asked @ColeyPorterBell's CEO @VickyBullen & ECD James Ramsden
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RT @OgilvyUK: .@ManyOgilvyHands winter boxes for @crisis_uk containing warm clothing to help the homeless this Christmas are ready for deli
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RT @OgilvyUK: JUST RELEASED: Ogilvy's Key Digital Trends Report 2018 containing important digital & social media trends for next year from
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RT @OgilvyUK: What's next for advertising in 2018? We asked O&M London's @charlierudd28 @hairychesters @clarebair & @MickMahoney https://t.
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Check out more of the team's effort. Not bad for beginners! #designagency #calligraphy #workshop
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Our senior designer Rebecca held a modern calligraphy class last night, teaching her fabulous skills to the rest of our team.. #learninganewskill #moderncalligraphy #designers #workperks ?????
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RT @OgilvyUK: Proud to see The Pipe feature in @Campaignmag Top 10 Workplace Hacks! #ogilvypipe
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RT @brightlines: How The Right #BrandName Can Be Ruined By The Wrong Colour by @VickyBullen @ColeyPorterBell https
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Merry Christmas from Coley Porter Bell! #christmasatcoleys #designagency ??????
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How many designers does it take to decorate a Christmas tree? #christmasatcoleys #christmastree #designagency
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1st December means opening the first box of our office advent calendar... #christmasatcoleys #workperks #designagency

Ryvita - Ryvita Crispbread
(Jordans Ryvita)
Ryvita Crispbread
Branding / design
A colourful design full of down-to-earth wholesomeness, reflecting Ryvita's positive take on health.
Dec 4th 2017 12:55:16
Ryvita  - Ryvita Thins
(Jordans Ryvita)
Ryvita Thins
Branding / design
Helping Ryvita Thins maintain their leadership in the flatbread market.
Mar 10th 2017 12:23:06
Hula Hoops - Helping Hula Hoops to reclaim lead status as the family snack of choice
Hula Hoops
(KP Snacks)
Helping Hula Hoops to reclaim lead status as the family snack of choice
Branding / design
We refreshed the much-loved snack brand, to enhance the product story and leverage appetite appeal.
Jan 30th 2017 17:31:01
Get The F*ck Out Of My House - Not so 'home sweet home'
Get The F*ck Out Of My House
Not so 'home sweet home'
Brand strategy, Branding / design
Developing the positioning, personality, tone of voice and visual identity for the new TV show.
Jan 24th 2017 12:51:50
Sharwood's - Redesigning the range to engage a younger audience
(Premier Foods)
Redesigning the range to engage a younger audience
Brand strategy, Branding / design
Develop the brand architecture, increase impact & engage audiences with a more sensorial experience.
Nov 21st 2016 14:05:04

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