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Big day tomorrow for @leejamescasey who’s shaving it all off for @macmillancancer. Get your donations in quick. Check out our instagram channel for the live shave at 10:30 tomorrow morning.
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Discover out new illustration work for @hevercastle over on @creativebrief #design #illustration
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Excited to see #GreenSandRidge featured in @Telegraph’s best christmas gifts for men in 2017. #merrychristmas  #designedbyhatched
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See the new homepage design for @forevermark on #creativebrief -
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See our new work for Forevermark on @creativebrief -
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RT @leejamescasey: Pretty pleased for my good friend @MearkleMan and his wife in having their #foreverstory featured by @forevermark. Great
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RT @aj_pittendreigh: The new @hatchedlondon website is coming soon, check out our @creativebrief page for latest work :
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RT @TheGaztronome: Nice to see our logo on a #cake @hatchedlondon #tasty #design
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RT @aj_pittendreigh: Retaining the top spot on @creativebrief for another month, as always im very proud of the @hatchedlondon team. https:
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View another one of our exciting, new #rebrand projects over on @creativebrief #branding #design
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RT @leejamescasey: The Inland Waterways Association branding by @hatchedlondon, featured on #creativebrief
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RT @aj_pittendreigh: View all our ( @hatchedlondon ) latest work on the brilliant @creativebrief platform, were currently no1 agency: https
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RT @aj_pittendreigh: We're showing off another stunning #branding project on @creativebrief - take a minute to appreciate -
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Check out our exciting, new #rebrand project for The Inland Waterways Association over on @creativebrief
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RT @unicornhuntio: ???? ? Ka-Pow! How about Front-end Developer with @hatchedlondon? #html #css
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RT @unicornhuntio: ? F'real! ? @hatchedlondon are hiring a Front-end Developer #html #css
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RT @leejamescasey: We're hiring at @hatchedlondon. We need a front-end developer to come and join the team. Full details are here: https://
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RT @Whopper_Bear: .@hatchedlondon & @damienweighill challenge the traditionally boring subject of #healthandsafety in a refreshing way http
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In support of #WorldRhinoDay and rewriting Forever, discover our #NewWork for Forevermark on @creativebrief
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Today we launched a campaign for @forevermark for #worldrhinoday.
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RT @hatchedlondon: Looks like the guillotine operator at #Timeout should have gone to @Specsavers. Or they're cutting down on the beer. #fa
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Looks like the guillotine operator at #Timeout should have gone to @Specsavers. Or they're cutting down on the beer. #fail #halfapint
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@_Zetetic @creativebrief @PembsCoast Thank you very much! ????
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Take a look at our #NewWork over on @creativebrief for @PembsCoast #design #illustration #advertising
Tweet : Aug 30th 2017 21:17
RT @iA: 2011 Leica ad doubles down in its never changing brand identity: “When you keep being different from everything, changing makes no
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RT @leejamescasey: I started an Insta account celebrating design and creative in monochromatic. Give us a follow and get involved. https:/
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@TheGaztronome If our work for @PembsCoast inspired in any way we take it as a huge compliment. Looking good Swindon! @TheDrum
Tweet : Jul 31st 2017 12:21
Check out our #NewWork over on @creativebrief for @cawstonpress #illustration #Advertising
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RT @leejamescasey: A film we did for Forevermark @hatchedlondon on #creativebrief -

Hever Castle & Gardens  - Winter walks campaign
Hever Castle & Gardens
(Hever Castle & Gardens )
Winter walks campaign
Winter days out at Hever Castle is perfectly captured in a series of illustrations.
Dec 22nd 2017 13:13:23
Forevermark - Homepage Design
(De Beers Group)
Homepage Design
Branding / design, Digital
The design, across all global markets, for the homepage of
Nov 30th 2017 13:25:22
Luxton Aesthetics  - Rebrand – a different perspective
Luxton Aesthetics
(Luxton Aesthetics)
Rebrand – a different perspective
Branding / design
Luxton Aesthetics – reflecting their passion for enhancing confidence through cosmetic treatments.
Oct 31st 2017 12:47:33
The Inland Waterways Association  - IWA Rebrand
The Inland Waterways Association
IWA Rebrand
Branding / design
Rebranding IWA as the driving force for positive change on Britain's waterways.
Oct 23rd 2017 16:51:38
Forevermark  - Rewrite Forever
(De Beers)
Rewrite Forever
Branding / design, Digital
A beautiful, hand drawn illustration in support of World Rhino Day and Rewriting Forever.
Sep 26th 2017 10:36:27

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