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Tweet : May 26th 2017 15:08
Can a font be a whole brand? Learn more about YouTube TV's typeface design.
Tweet : May 26th 2017 10:50
@Topshop to transform Oxford Street into a giant water slide – in #VR
Tweet : May 25th 2017 14:18
Going back to our roots?? Our designers taking a break from their screens to handcraft logo
Tweet : May 24th 2017 12:24
@creativebrief we hope you had a great morning guys!
Tweet : May 23rd 2017 16:27
Such tragic events in Manchester. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected in the attack. Remember to always be kind. #lovemanchester
Tweet : May 23rd 2017 14:50
Young job seekers prefer researching company culture and workplace life on @Instagram
Tweet : May 19th 2017 20:11
What a night the #BAFTA's were! Check out our latest blog post on Keo Film's big win.
Tweet : May 16th 2017 21:39
Today, #Instagram finally introduced augmented reality face filters for user's stories. What do you think #Snapchat?
Tweet : May 16th 2017 17:36
#Shazam suddenly started forgetting song titles to highlight the underlying issue of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Tweet : May 15th 2017 16:37
#WarnerBros signs up as the first advertiser for @Snapchat's sponsored #WorldLenses
Tweet : May 15th 2017 16:24
RT @BBCOne: Congratulations to the brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge, recipient of the #BAFTATV Award for Best Female in a Comedy for @BBCThre
Tweet : May 11th 2017 12:03
@creativebrief thanks for the re-tweet guys!
Tweet : May 11th 2017 11:16
See our new work for Sky Vision on @creativebrief -
Tweet : May 10th 2017 16:06
We had a great day today shooting the staff members at anthonypepeco Highbury office. They will
Tweet : May 9th 2017 14:24
For #MentalHealthAwarnessWeek, Instagram has launched a campaign called #HereForYou which helps users find support.
Tweet : May 8th 2017 21:22
What would your flavour be to win?! #dousaflavour #oreo
Tweet : May 8th 2017 17:53
#Dove celebrates the many shapes and sizes of beauty.
Tweet : May 8th 2017 16:22
RT @UKMoments: #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek aims to shed the stigma associated with mental health problems.
Tweet : May 8th 2017 16:00
Happy Birthday to the legendary #DavidAttenborough
Tweet : May 5th 2017 15:30
RT @WineShowTV: Only a few hours until the weekend begins! We'll drink to that! ???????????? #FridayFeeling
Tweet : May 4th 2017 15:22
Happy #StarWarsDay !
Tweet : May 2nd 2017 18:40
@anthonyfjoshua has the potential to propel the #sport into a new commercial era. #broadcasting
Tweet : May 2nd 2017 16:34
What did our followers get up to over the #bankholiday weekend?
Tweet : Apr 28th 2017 21:42
Is personalised audio the next big thing. Check out our latest blog post!
Tweet : Apr 28th 2017 15:40
This emotional ad takes on divorce in the Arab world #SpeakYourHeart
Tweet : Apr 27th 2017 14:37
@dandad amazing graphics!
Tweet : Apr 27th 2017 13:46
Rachael Leigh Cook and Her Frying Pan Are Back. #DrugPolicy
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 20:58
Now that's alot of users #instagram
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 15:46
RT @dandad: "Play creates trust" & "weird is cool" #wednesdaywisdom from @Refinery29's @pieraluisa at #dandad17
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 14:00
Our colleague emmanewton is at this years @dandad show! What coloured pencil is your favourite?!
News : Apr 3rd 2017 by Gary James
MIPTV is the spring’s biggest TV and digital content event for professionals.
News : Feb 28th 2017 by Gary James
UK’s leading Entertainment and Media Tech event, with a 20-year history dedicated to the broadcast, production and post-production.

Sky Vision - MIPTV 2017
Sky Vision
(Sky Vision)
MIPTV 2017
Branding / design
Sky Vision needed a complete redesign on their three new TV catalogues for MIPTV 2017.
May 11th 2017 11:15:58
All 3 Media - Fleabag
All 3 Media
(All 3 Media)
Branding / design
Award winning writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge writes and stars in hilarious and hurtful new TV drama.
Jan 9th 2017 09:37:45
Hat Trick - The Eden Experiment
Hat Trick
(Eden by KEO Films)
The Eden Experiment
Branding / design
Eden launch ads featuring actual photography from the remote Scottish island production.
Jan 5th 2017 17:03:11
Zodiak Rights - Black Lake
Zodiak Rights
(Banijay )
Black Lake
Branding / design
Designed for large format advertising & conveys the fine line between drama, supernatural and horror
Jan 5th 2017 16:05:58
Mindcorp - Personalised Videos
Personalised Videos
Branding / design
Development of B2B dynamic video engine to create personalised videos in real-time.
Jan 5th 2017 15:30:53

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