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Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 17:20
Great talk from @liviobisterzo and @JamesNixonjkr on @hippeas_snacks #BITELIVE @creativebrief
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 17:09
RT @liviobisterzo: Great audience at #bitelive on stage with jamesnixon28 sharing the hippeas_snacks journey and a
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 16:22
RT @creativebrief: A brilliant talk from @liviobisterzo and @JamesNixonjkr about @hippeas_snacks #BITELIVE @jkrGlobal
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 15:56
RT @creativebrief: “We wanted to change the attitude. We wanted to change the way these brands do succeed.” @JamesNixonjkr from @jkrGlobal
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 15:56
RT @fabnewslive: .@hippeas_snacks & @jkrglobal - ‘Caring, Innovation, Personalisation, Culture and purpose key ingredients to building a #m
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 15:48
RT @creativebrief: A real joy to have @liviobisterzo from Green Park Brands and @JamesNixonjkr from @jkrGlobal on stage to talk @hippeas_sn
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 14:28
Not long until our very own James Nixon and @liviobisterzo take to the stage at #BITELIVE to talk through the story of @Hippeas and @jkrGlobal! @creativebrief
Tweet : Nov 13th 2017 21:04
@creativebrief @liviobisterzo What we like to hear!
Tweet : Nov 13th 2017 21:03
RT @liviobisterzo: Very excited to be speaking at @creativebrief #BITELIVE tomorrow alongside @jkrGlobal and sharing the @hippeas_snacks br
Tweet : Nov 13th 2017 20:49
Looking forward to #BITELIVE tomorrow where we will be telling the story of JKR and Hippeas with @liviobisterzo! @creativebrief
Tweet : Nov 13th 2017 08:41
RT @core77: Are You an Energetic Planner? Global Design Agency @jkrGlobal is Seeking an Account Executive in New York, NY
Tweet : Nov 13th 2017 08:29
RT @GSAsingapore: Senior Designer #job, Jones Knowles Ritchie Singapore @jkrGlobal
Tweet : Nov 8th 2017 13:18
RT @creativebrief: "Day to day, it’s all about creating an ambitious, creative environment in the building." Our interview with the great @
Tweet : Nov 6th 2017 10:26
RT @Sequoiafilms: @Formbeauty New Travel Size Minis are out! So fun working on this campaign with @jkrglobal @walkerandcompany and t https
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 12:09
Our MD, James Nixon talks cascading creativity, simple ideas & @Dominos_UK pizza! @creativebrief #BITELIVE
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 12:04
RT @creativebrief: New #BITELIVE interview with James Nixon, MD @jkrGlobal, on cascading creativity, simple ideas & @Dominos_UK pizza https
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 09:29
RT @nicktubechannel: @abcholmes @jkrGlobal @AlthorpEstate @cspencer1508 guys 10yrs old now just turned 11.)litle man Niks voice is biger th
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 09:29
RT @uglydrinks: In a world of fake news we look for the truth????We’re not a dream, we’re a drink????No sugar. No sweetener. Nothing to hide.????Tha
Tweet : Nov 2nd 2017 05:00
Heading to @TEDxSuzhou this weekend? Be sure to check out Rene Chen who will be taking to the stage to talk the future of Chinese creativity
Tweet : Nov 1st 2017 08:00
Want to know more about 'The Cycle Killer of Chinese Creativity' Join us on stage @TEDxSuzhou
Tweet : Oct 31st 2017 18:08
This @uglydrinks has nothing to hide ???????? Thanks for the write up @TheDieline
Tweet : Oct 27th 2017 15:12
We're making an appearance in @ComputerArts top 50 studios. Real honour, thanks guys ????????
Tweet : Oct 26th 2017 14:03
Great to spend some time with the @dandad #NewBloodShift crew last night - you guys are rocking it ????????
Tweet : Oct 25th 2017 15:40
Thanks for the write up @fabnewslive ???????? @uglydrinks
Tweet : Oct 24th 2017 17:48
Our client @tristanwalker talkin' cult brands @bevel & @formbeauty at #fcfestival today with @emilyweiss @jennifer @nicolasjammet @afarles
Tweet : Oct 16th 2017 16:50
Rolling through #Camden today - say hello to the @HeinzUK #BeanzMeanzHeinz bus!
Tweet : Oct 16th 2017 15:41
The @HeinzUK Beanz Bus is on tour! A proper lunchtime treat for the @jkrGlobal office today as it stopped off in Camden... #BeanzMeanzHeinz
Tweet : Oct 16th 2017 10:24
“Have Leaders instead of Managers” - Our Global CEO Guy Lambert talks great work #culture with @HuffPostBlog
Tweet : Oct 14th 2017 22:47
Who saw #danieldarcy at #showcaseitch talking about designing big?
Tweet : Oct 14th 2017 21:37
It's Speaker Saturday! #toshhall at #aigadesignconf in MN and #danieldarcy @revistaitch in Guatemala City ????????????????

Ugly Drinks - The Ugly Truth
Ugly Drinks
(Ugly Drinks)
The Ugly Truth
Advertising/Creative, Branding / design
Defining a new positioning, identity and campaign for the brand.
Oct 27th 2017 17:01:36
The Diana Award - Redefining a Legacy
The Diana Award
(The Diana Award)
Redefining a Legacy
Branding / design
Creating a new identity for The Diana Award.
Aug 25th 2017 10:07:55
Jura - Jura 10
(Whyte and Mackay)
Jura 10
Branding / design
New design marks launch of Jura into US market.
May 18th 2017 13:41:50
Heinz Beanz - Beanz Meanz Heinz 50th Anniversary
Heinz Beanz
(Kraft Heinz)
Beanz Meanz Heinz 50th Anniversary
Branding / design
Branding, limited edition packaging, pop-up cafe & window display in Selfridges for Heinz Beanz.
Apr 7th 2017 08:54:28
Butterfly Twists - Never Stick, Twist
Butterfly Twists
(Butterfly Twists Ltd)
Never Stick, Twist
Branding / design
A new identity for fashion brand Butterfly Twists to capture its bold sense of energy and movement.
Apr 5th 2017 10:34:09

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