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Data science. What does it actually mean? Our Director of Insight and Data Steve Lowell goes through the concept here:
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A shed load of data? Tick. A shed load of insights? Maybe not so much Find out how smarter #segmentation can boost your #data strategy:
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What can we learn from what Amazon does? Check this out:
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What does the modern shopper look like? Discover this and much more – download our eBook NOW:
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What Gen Z wants for Christmas @RetailDive
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What will successful retailers look like a few years from now? We predict what we think will take retail by storm in the coming years:
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You might not know it but the #data you’re using to drive your marketing is probably not as good as it could be. We can help you get closer to your customers - check this out >
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How honesty is changing advertising? Find out here:
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What drives #retail performance? Download our latest whitepaper on ‘Understanding Retail Performance’ to find out >
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Absolutely love this! Cheeky Greggs reverses shop logo to capitalise on Fenwick's Christmas window display @TheDrum
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Why should #DigitalDisruption be embraced? Watch this video and find out what our Commercial Director Ryan Shannon has to say on the topic:
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What can we learn from #Amazon? Find out here:
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Want to know what retail will look like in the future? We predict what we think will take retail by storm in the coming years >
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Explore the changing world of retail in our latest 'Understanding Retail Performance' FREE eBook >
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5 essential steps to connect with Generation Z @Marketingland
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@writebeard check out this blog :)
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Alibaba launched an #AI tool that can write 20,000 lines of advertising copy per second. So are they trying to get rid of their copywriters? We think not. Check out why
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There’s an ever-evolving amount of #digital #tech out there to enhance our lives. Discover 6 ways the physical world is merging with the digital:
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Explore these 5 brain hacks to catch your customers' attention #VAS:
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Can retail be saved? Learn more about #retail performance by downloading our FREE eBook now >
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Loyalty is more than marketing, it’s a mindset @Marketingland Interesting @emagliocca
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Ever heard of the beauty of imperfections? Explore how a little more chaos could actually give your #marketing the edge.
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Today, customers are seeking a combination of entertainment and retail when they shop. Check out these five brilliant examples of #experiential #retail:
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We reveal how you can measure in-store #marketing effectiveness for your brand – check out our blog >
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Was great to be at the @DMATalent #FreshBlood and #BigBookCrit last night. Lots of inspiring talks and young talented people. Well done to the Indicia team for their presentations. It was also fun to have our creatives representing Indicia and KMMS at the Book Crit.
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Download our FREE eBook to learn how the modern shopper thinks in this 'never normal' world of #retail >
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Check out every John Lewis Christmas ads since 2006 @TheDrum
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The #U17Euro Championship is often the tournament where future football superstars emerge. We were tasked to tell football fans, young and old, of the upcoming football thrills. Check out our fun campaign now
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How has #shopping changed over the last decade? Take a look here
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Here's a quick overview of always-on #marketing and the opportunities for your business – take a look:
News : Jul 24th 2017 by Zoe Stephenson
We are very proud to say that we have been nominated for 4 awards in 3 categories for our recent work with & Nissan GB.

Dacia - Dacia Way I Like It
Dacia Way I Like It
CRM/Customer engagement, Digital, Integrated marketing
‘Dacia Way I Like It’ campaign boosts brand awareness to celebrate 5 years and 120,000 customers
Feb 12th 2018 15:08:26

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