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Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 17:55
New Work ?? Packaging design for a range of organic white wines made by #chateautourblanc. The vines are enriched by the presence of a flock of sheep that graze between the rows.
Tweet : Jan 5th 2018 22:43
RT @gibsonthornley: Really excited to be part of Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up @V_and_A @tomscuttdesign @BOBDesignLtd @davidbickle #art #
Tweet : Dec 21st 2017 17:57
Warmest Xmas wishes from BOB! Our card this year takes lucky receivers to an online fruit machine with 7 different prize winning combinations. Programmed by @moreguppy
Tweet : Dec 15th 2017 22:36
Thank you @ArchiveRamsgate for an incredible Haptic Bobmas ????????
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 18:30
@margaretrave Glad you like it ????
Tweet : Dec 8th 2017 15:31
The making of our Christmas card this year. Good luck on our online fruit machine if you are one of the selected receivers... :-)
Tweet : Nov 30th 2017 18:38
Amazing event (and outfit) ????????????????@KieranWords
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 18:14
Delivery from @sendpoints feauturing our layout designs for #bububindet and #kingstonschoolofart
Tweet : Oct 25th 2017 21:32
A flick of our new gradient notebook, beautifully crafted in Switzerland by #bububindet using papers by @gfsmithpapers and #papyrusshweiz
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2017 08:54
RT @Londonon_: The first leg of the international research programme begins 23/10/17. A one week workshop in London to explore issues local
Tweet : Oct 2nd 2017 11:23
We have refreshed our website – visit to see our #freshnewlook! Built by @designer_friend
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2017 13:57
@KieranWords Looks amazing ????????
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2017 09:14
'The Making of' our new gradient notebook collections #bububindet
Tweet : Sep 22nd 2017 09:12
'The Making of' our new gradient notebook collections #bububindet
Tweet : Sep 21st 2017 10:25
Market stall inspired logotype for @_manufactory. Excited to attend today! 21–23 Sept #KingstonSchoolofArt #oldspitalfieldsmarket #LDF17
Tweet : Sep 17th 2017 21:32
Exploring @openhouselondon @ORTUSevents by @dugganmorrisarc ????????
Tweet : Sep 6th 2017 17:21
RT @tomscuttdesign: Very excited to share that I will be designing this pretty thrilling exhibition alongside @gibsonthornley @satorestudio
Tweet : Sep 2nd 2017 15:17
RT @joevelomo: A sample output of our practice evolution workshop with @BOBDesignLtd helping to shape the future of @dugganmorrisarc https:
Tweet : Aug 22nd 2017 21:30
RT @createculture15: The game is over !! We are finally at BOBs. An amazing result... bob_design_ltd + @indiakangaroo
Tweet : Aug 18th 2017 17:01
RT @timohaed: Haptic sports day @regents park, join if u dare...
Tweet : Jul 21st 2017 23:32
BOB Summer Party @RiverCafeLondon
Tweet : Jul 20th 2017 00:53
Launch party @Londonon_ ????????
Tweet : Jul 19th 2017 13:18
RT @Londonon_: Looking forward to tonight's #Londonon_ London Launch! DM us if you're keen and curious and want to learn more. https://t.c
Tweet : Jul 11th 2017 10:09
Thanks for the great invite ????????#independentpapershow #bububindet #sonderegger #lorenzboegli @Artworklove
Tweet : Jun 15th 2017 23:33
Great show tonight ????????????????@kingstongraphic
Tweet : Jun 12th 2017 11:23
RT @aessestudio: Bioengineering by @BOBDesignLtd on Visual Journal -
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 10:07
RT @iconeye: The British summer is branded is all wrong, over-stimulating us with exotic notions like sunshine, says Bob Design https://t.c
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 09:21
Our rethink of the British Summer for @iconeye feels very appropriate today ...
Tweet : Jun 4th 2017 09:14
RT @bpandopinion: From The Archives • Bubu by @BOBDesignLtd •
Tweet : May 22nd 2017 15:53
RT @fifthmanbooks: Monday blues... our New Scotland Yard #minigraph #013 beautifully photographed by designers @BOBDesignLtd

Manufactory - Reshaping stalls as makerspaces
(Kingston University School of Art )
Reshaping stalls as makerspaces
Branding / design, Corporate communications
Market stall inspired logotype for @Manufactory — an event by #KingstonSchoolofArt for #LDF17
Oct 19th 2017 18:05:27
Bioengineering  - Rebranding
(Bioengineering )
Branding / design, Corporate communications
Think like engineers: an identity which can be engineered and assembled in various ways.
Jul 10th 2017 11:23:32
Londonon - Collaboration Launch
Collaboration Launch
Branding / design, Corporate communications
We have been involved in the branding and webdesign of Londonon which was soft launched at MIPIM.
Jul 10th 2017 10:44:59

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