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Tweet : May 17th 2018 13:56
Preparing first lunch in new studio with @studio_haptic
Tweet : May 14th 2018 21:58
@FreeEmma Come and visit us ??????
Tweet : May 14th 2018 15:49
Moving Day ????????
Tweet : May 11th 2018 18:29
RT @StiffTrevillion: Lovely flip through our #GeorgeHouse book. Thank you @kilianosullivan. You’ll like this @FreeEmma @BOBDesignLtd https:
Tweet : May 3rd 2018 18:49
RT @FreeEmma: George-ous! So enjoyed working with @StiffTrevillion @BOBDesignLtd and our all-woman editorial, project management and design
Tweet : May 1st 2018 19:44
RT @urbenstudio: Great afternoon discussing our book #undergroundurbanism with the brilliant @bob_design_ltd ???? almost there but ???? #designde
Tweet : May 1st 2018 18:50
RT @urbenstudio: Great afternoon discussing our forthcoming book on #undergroundurbanism with
Tweet : May 1st 2018 17:38
RT @StiffTrevillion: Our new book on #GeorgeHouse for #CadoganEstate has arrived. With thanks to @FreeEmma & @BOBDesignLtd for creating th
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 13:46
RT @timohaed: Congrats Madeleine! Two young architects picked to shape future of UK’s infrastructure
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 14:26
RT @creativebrief: New #BITETrend - An evolving logo evolution - the future shapeshifting logos that even respond to sound. Featuring @spi
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 18:05
@hotunsolution @CarlCTA @TfL @LDN_gov Thank you ????. Yes it does, it’s a sedum roof ????????
Tweet : Mar 27th 2018 17:59
We are delighted to announce that Transport for London has awarded BOB a place on the Architecture and Urbanism framework for Graphic Design. We are looking forward to working with @TfL and @ldn_gov for the next couple of years.
Tweet : Mar 25th 2018 11:48
Another BOB. BOB by Ian Cheng @SerpentineUK ????????
Tweet : Mar 20th 2018 16:17
RT @StiffTrevillion: Our forthcoming monograph on #GeorgeHouse & @Pavilion_Road has gone to print today. With thanks to @FreeEmma & @BOBDes
Tweet : Mar 14th 2018 13:54
Working hard at #Mipim2018
Tweet : Mar 14th 2018 10:27
RT @urbenstudio: Love the pop up bookstore at #MIPIM - some really interesting subjects. Hope to see our book #UndergroundUrbanism there ne
Tweet : Mar 11th 2018 20:37
RT @timohaed: Beautiful day of cycling! Duggan Morris shirt @dugganmorrisarc @dugganmorrisCC @BOBDesignLtd all for a good cause @Coram @Cl
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 09:10
RT @KieranWords:
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 07:39
RT @gibsonthornley: Great interview with curator Claire Wilcox on the Frida Kahlo exhibition we are designing with the amazing @tomscuttdes
Tweet : Mar 1st 2018 20:54
Great music and dancing at @dugganmorrisarc #funkyfundraiser @TheLoomE1 to raise money for @Coram @ClubPeloton ????
Tweet : Mar 1st 2018 13:33
New studio space with @studio_haptic taking shape ????????
Tweet : Feb 27th 2018 16:52
RT @foldingfanatic: Amazing book from “book architects" Bubu Bindery and @BOBDesignLtd in Zurich. Love the #printed edges! Thanks to my men
Tweet : Feb 27th 2018 08:37
RT @FreeEmma: Thank you @BOBDesignLtd for my beautiful new notebook!
Tweet : Feb 27th 2018 08:36
@FreeEmma You are very welcome ????
Tweet : Feb 26th 2018 07:37
@bpandopinion It was a pleasure having you.
Tweet : Feb 26th 2018 07:36
RT @bpandopinion: Thanks to @BOBDesignLtd for hosting BP&O last week. Check out their work for Bubu •
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 17:55
New Work ?? Packaging design for a range of organic white wines made by #chateautourblanc. The vines are enriched by the presence of a flock of sheep that graze between the rows.
Tweet : Jan 5th 2018 22:43
RT @gibsonthornley: Really excited to be part of Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up @V_and_A @tomscuttdesign @BOBDesignLtd @davidbickle #art #
Tweet : Dec 21st 2017 17:57
Warmest Xmas wishes from BOB! Our card this year takes lucky receivers to an online fruit machine with 7 different prize winning combinations. Programmed by @moreguppy
Tweet : Dec 15th 2017 22:36
Thank you @ArchiveRamsgate for an incredible Haptic Bobmas ????????

Manufactory - Reshaping stalls as makerspaces
(Kingston University School of Art )
Reshaping stalls as makerspaces
Branding / design, Corporate communications
Market stall inspired logotype for @Manufactory — an event by #KingstonSchoolofArt for #LDF17
Oct 19th 2017 18:05:27
Bioengineering  - Rebranding
(Bioengineering )
Branding / design, Corporate communications
Think like engineers: an identity which can be engineered and assembled in various ways.
Jul 10th 2017 11:23:32
Londonon - Collaboration Launch
Collaboration Launch
Branding / design, Corporate communications
We have been involved in the branding and webdesign of Londonon which was soft launched at MIPIM.
Jul 10th 2017 10:44:59

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