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Godiva, new work by FutureBrand on - @creativebrief
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Great to see our work featured as the latest #HotPick on @creativebrief! #branding #innovation
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Download the latest #countrybranding report covering #LatinAmerican countries:
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"It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it" : #Milan's latest newsletter is out #branding #trends
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RT @futurebrandita: #FuturePills December issue is out! How #organizations can attract the best #talents in town and #snacking is the new #
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RT @FBSpeck: Innovation is not the first step. Take a look at what Speck fellow has to say about fostering innovation in the workplace: ht
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RT @FutureBrandFR: ????Final step for the @FutureBrandFR Factory with @ecvfrance - #contest #brand & fun????????
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Working for @McDonaldsFR isn't just about serving burgers: @UXUS created a employee brand in their "living studio" in Paris to foster ideas
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Want to know the future of alcohol? What makes a futureproof brand? Read this:
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Is there hope for the original fast food joint? #McDonalds post a profit surge; what have they learned?
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#NGO @helpcodeitalia work in aid of children in deprived communities - a strong #brand makes their work more visible
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Developing a new #brand for merged #grocery giants Ahold Delhaize #mergers #newbrand #identity
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Is there hope for the original fast food joint? In a changing market, #McDonalds posted a profit surge this quarter; what have they learned?
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Creating a #brand for the care sector, from FutureBrand Australia
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Helping change attitudes to #banking, we built Ant Financial's #brand to make sense to the new market
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Do you follow us on #instagram?
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Read about #whatshot by Paris this month: #human emotion and #technology
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Iconic chocolate brand Neuhaus reconnects with its customers via renewed in-store identity #consumerbranding #brandstory #iconicbrands
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Awards for @adapt_ventures, @latitude_fs, South Pacific Tourism Organisation, New Payments Platform & Southern Plus last night - congrats all! #TransformAPAC
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congratulations to all our award-winning clients at last night's #TransformAPAC Awards!
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One of many from last night's #TransformAPAC Awards - congrats to @latitude_fs!
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Download the latest #countrybrands report covering #LatinAmerican countries:
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A new #bank for the #baltics: Luminor understands what #customerjourneys look like in 2018
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Download the new #countrybranding report covering Latin American countries:
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RT @HugoAndCat: Thanks to everyone who came to #DEVUX 7 last night @HugoAndCat. Two great presentations from @Wandster and @louiswh on the
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@jayjayquinlan @Mumbrellanews welcome home James!
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James Quinlan appointed to FutureBrand Australia as Executive Director, Strategy:
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"It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it" is the theme of #Milan's latest newsletter #branding #trends
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Superliga Argentina de Fútbol launches a new #brand designed by #FutureBrand #BuenosAires -
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Visit to read more about how #FutureBrand rebranded the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Godiva - Godiva Café Retail Experience
(Yildiz Holding)
Godiva Café Retail Experience
Branding / design
Just launched in Hong Kong, a chocolate lovers paradise that allows you to customise and discover.
Jan 15th 2018 10:25:55
Galbusera - Christmas Panettone Collection
Christmas Panettone Collection
Branding / design
Our simple and sophisticated panettone design made an appearance again this Christmas. Bellissimo!
Jan 4th 2018 18:02:07

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