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Tweet : Jul 16th 2018 17:26
RT @Gorkana: Opinion: @AlexMarshPR, associate director at @KetchumUK discusses how their fully integrated, trusting relationship with Libre
Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 07:43
RT @BBCMaryam: Excellent paper review, as always, with @richardgriffo from @KetchumPR this morning ! Talking #trump #trade @BBCWorld
Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 07:34
Strong review of the morning's headlines by Richard Griffiths (@richardgriffo), Director, Strategic Communications @KetchumUK on #BBCTheBriefing with the talented Maryam Moshiri (@BBCMaryam) @BBCNews
Tweet : Jul 11th 2018 19:45
Congratulations to all @CIPR_UK graduates!???????? We wish you success in continuing to take our industry from strength to strength! #CIPRQualified
Tweet : Jul 11th 2018 16:42
??This bunch is so ready for #ENGCRO! #FootballsComingHome #ENG
Tweet : Jul 11th 2018 16:15
RT @RedRobertino: The men @KetchumUK certainly think that #FootballsComingHome
Tweet : Jul 11th 2018 15:56
"Companies that are putting data at the core of their communications strategies are winning." - Erin Salisbury (@essalisbury), Senior Account Director @KetchumUK. Read more here: via @prweekuknews #PRWeek30Under30
Tweet : Jul 11th 2018 11:19
Time to celebrate the achievements of some of the brightest in #PR! We're really looking forward to hosting the @CIPR_UK Graduation Ceremony tonight!! ????????
Tweet : Jul 10th 2018 16:59
"The communications function does not have a magic wand," says @KetchumUK CEO Jo-ann Robertson (@RedRobertino) in her latest opinion piece on #crisiscommunications - via @therealprmoment #PR
Tweet : Jul 10th 2018 13:34
Is #PR immune to machine intelligence? Stephen Waddington (@wadds), Partner and Chief Engagement Officer @KetchumUK explores: #AI #AIinPR
Tweet : Jul 10th 2018 08:05
RT @KetchumPR: “When it comes to sports strategy, Wool has it locked down.” A big congrats to @AnnWool on being named to @AdWeek’s Most P
Tweet : Jul 9th 2018 10:08
Four ways in which @instagram's #IGTV could shape the influencer space: #InfluencerMarketing
Tweet : Jul 6th 2018 18:32
RT @KetchumPR: How will the themes that emerged from @Cannes_Lions impact brand marketers? #SeaChangesatCannes #Can
Tweet : Jul 6th 2018 16:41
RT @prweekuknews: Flack on Friday – Double summer party action; 30 Under 30 photo fun, Wadds love got to do with it?
Tweet : Jul 6th 2018 13:56
[BLOG] There is no such thing as a public relations crisis, says Jo-ann Robertson (@RedRobertino), CEO @KetchumUK, in this latest blog recapping the firm's recent panel discussion on crisis communications:
Tweet : Jul 6th 2018 00:01
@bmeprpros @WS_London @mcsaatchipr @GolinLON @ManifestLDN How fun is this!?! Thank YOU for such a fab night!
Tweet : Jul 5th 2018 10:51
????Wonder if an agency dance off is on the agenda????...Either way, we are SO excited to sponsor (and show some moves at) the #BMEPRProsParty this evening! Can't wait @ebananuka @bmeprpros ????
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 16:47
Strategic thinker, superb client counsellor and keen to put data at the centre of communications. Meet @Essalisbury, Senior Account Director at Ketchum London: via @prweekuknews #PRWeek30Under30
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 13:28
RT @prweekuknews: PRWeek's #30Under30 2018 – The can-do generation: @KetchumUK @MSL_UK @OgilvyUK @fourcomms @Common
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 13:02
Curious, calm and eager to broaden the spectrum of comms. Meet @Chrissssmith, Associate Director at Ketchum London: via @prweekuknews #PRWeek30under30
Tweet : Jul 3rd 2018 12:03
Follow @MattSilverPR and @CIPR_UK to learn more on how #AI is impacting the #PR industry - don't forget to use the hashtag #CIPRchat when participating!
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2018 19:11
[BLOG] How will #IGTV (@igtvoficial) impact the influencer space? @Chrissssmith, Associate Director at Ketchum London, explores the long-form video feature by @instagram from four different perspectives: #InfluencerMarketing
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2018 14:21
Torn between looking professional and staying cool? These fashion tips for the summer loving #PR pro (courtesy Ketchum London COO Deirdre Murphy and other industry style gurus) might come handy: via @therealprmoment #HeatWave2018
Tweet : Jun 29th 2018 17:40
#FridayFeeling amplified. #bloodnormal has been shortlisted as Brand Led - Best Progressive Cause Campaign in the Campaigns for Good Awards! Congrats to @essity (cl*), @AMV_BBDO & the team here at Ketchum London! See full shortlist here: #CampaignGoodies
Tweet : Jun 28th 2018 20:19
RT @KetchumPR: This month is more than just a moment to celebrate & galvanize the #LGBTQ community, it is a reminder that what we all have
Tweet : Jun 28th 2018 13:56
RT @KetchumPR: From #AI’s ability to extinguish or spark creative expression to the importance of being authentic — @MindyRubinstein explor
Tweet : Jun 27th 2018 22:39
What a brilliant discussion! ????Wrapping up an evening full of incredibly interesting crisis anecdotes (and antidotes!) Sincere thanks to our panellists and moderators for sharing your insights, advice and great company with us tonight. It was an absolute pleasure! #notaprcrisis
Tweet : Jun 27th 2018 21:18
@pageafterpaige_ Thank you for coming!
Tweet : Jun 27th 2018 20:32
Don't underestimate the power of media training, say crisis comms experts during our crisis management panel. #notaprcrisis
Tweet : Jun 27th 2018 20:14
"Having an opinion is critical. It is nearly impossible to detach from global societal issues." - Thoughts from Ketchum London's crisis communications panel. #notaprcrisis

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