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We create ideas that are designed for where audiences are: social. This means that we take a social up rather than advertising down approach. It’s why we used online trolling to launch a new car brand, turned Twitter complaints into gin chat and made the school run into a Facebook mini-series.
We believe brands should be more like icons than products. Building icons means understanding trends and being immersed in everyday culture. Which is why we’re reading Reddit, not Campaign. It’s why we passed up Cannes for VidCon, and watch YouTube, not the top 10 on AdWeek.


We believe that the most coveted commodity for brands today is attention. We believe that your competition is not your competition. You’re not competing with other brands, you’re competing with the cat videos and memes that are the internet.

We’re here to be additive to the digital world, in a meaningful way. We create thumb-stopping content that consumers genuinely want to watch and engage with.

As such, we’re not in the advertising game. We’re in the attention game.

Recent highlights:

3 of our most recent pieces of work we are proud of:

1) Hyundai - Driven by Optimism
Driving a 58% increase in searches for Hyundai cars - when harnessed correctly, the power of positive thinking can do magical things.

2) Hendrick’s Gin – The Ministry of Marginally Superior Transport
Hendrick's most successful campaign ever - introducing an establishment dedicated to solving your transport problems with ingenious ideas, quips, and the odd cocktail.

3) Disney – Dream Big
Over 2m views with more comments than any other Disney post - always dare to dream big and have the courage to make those dreams come true.


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Recent awards:

The Drum Network Awards
2016 Best Food and Drink - Hendricks MOMST The Drum Network Awards
The Drum Network Awards
2016 Best Automotive Campaign - Driven by Optimism Hyundai The Drum Network Awards
The Drum Dream Awards
2016 Hendricks Hypnagoggles - Direct Single Execution and Campaign The Drum Dream Awards
BIMA Awards
2016 Hendrick's Hypnagoggles - Consumer Goods BIMA Awards
Creative Circle awards
2016 Film Craft: Best use of Music Creative Circle awards
BIMA Awards
2015 Consumer Goods - Finalist BIMA Awards
BIMA Awards
2015 B2B & Professional Services - Finalist BIMA Awards
DADI awards
2015 Consumer Product or Services Website, App or Campaign - Shortlist DADI awards
DADI awards
2015 Financial Services Website, App or Campaign - Shorlist DADI awards
BIMA Awards
2014 Consumer Products - Finalist BIMA Awards
Marketing Agencies Association Best Awards
2014 Best Opportunistic Marketing Marketing Agencies Association Best Awards

Trade association memberships:

British Interactive Media Association (BIMA)
Marketing Agencies Association (MAA)

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