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Jon Sharpe, May 4th 2017

The Trust Virus: The Future Of Brands And Giving

Y&R London’s CEO Jon Sharpe discusses the tactics needed to fight rampant consumer cynicism undermining brands and charitable giving.

Emily James, November 16th 2016

M&S' Mrs Claus is a strong, supportive and modern day hero

Y&R London's chief strategy officer explains why M&S is championing women in the brand's 2016 Christmas campaign.

Jon Sharpe, September 5th 2016

M&S and Y&R London: Not just any client/agency relationship

A view from Jon Sharpe - RKCR/Y&R reflects on its M&S work after losing the account.

Jonathan Burley, September 5th 2016

Awards should laud advertising that makes a cultural impact

A view from Jonathan Burley - We should recognise work that resonates with real people.

Emily James, August 1st 2016

The top 10 brands favoured by Remainers and Brexiters

Marketers can learn about our divided nation by examining the brands that appeal across the voting referendum voting split.

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