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Thought pieces

Gracie Page, April 23rd 2018

Should We Kill the Free Social Media Model?

Y&R London's creative technologist argues why sponsorship of social media is a better model than a new paid-for-everything world order.

Jon Sharpe, May 4th 2017

The Trust Virus: The Future Of Brands And Giving

Y&R London’s CEO Jon Sharpe discusses the tactics needed to fight rampant consumer cynicism undermining brands and charitable giving.

Emily James, November 16th 2016

M&S' Mrs Claus is a strong, supportive and modern day hero

Y&R London's chief strategy officer explains why M&S is championing women in the brand's 2016 Christmas campaign.

Jon Sharpe, September 5th 2016

M&S and Y&R London: Not just any client/agency relationship

A view from Jon Sharpe - RKCR/Y&R reflects on its M&S work after losing the account.

Jonathan Burley, September 5th 2016

Awards should laud advertising that makes a cultural impact

A view from Jonathan Burley - We should recognise work that resonates with real people.
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