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Steve Earl, Managing Director (Zeno), August 11th 2017

(Winky)facing the truth about social conversation

Sarcasm is a topic that has hit the headlines (no, it really has) again in the past few weeks after researchers have developed an algorithm that helps to detect intended sarcasm – and other emotional subtext – via the use of emojis..

Ben Smith, PR Moment, July 27th 2017

Future proofing in-house PR teams

This report examines the journey of in-house PR teams from a department with a focus almost entirely on media relations to one which now has hundreds of channels and platforms to communicate through. 3MZ partnered with PR Moment to conduct qualitative and quantitative research across senior in-house comms leaders.

Anthony Allen, Account Executive, July 19th 2017

Will entrepreneurs be the next superpowers?

“I believe the superpowers of tomorrow [are] not going to be the nation states, [they] are going to be the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are now solving the problems that used to be the domain of nation states.” - Naveen Jain, Moon Express

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