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Sorcha John, April 12th 2017

What Kendall and Pepsi have taught me this week

Well, that escalated quickly. In addition to gaping while watching the ad get progressively worse and worse, the question on my mind, and perhaps everyone’s minds, was how on earth did this slip through both Pepsi’s & Jenner’s approval process?

Jordan Harper, March 8th 2017

How to SXSW: 2017 Edition

iris Worldwide CTO Jordan Harper offers top tips for getting the most out of the festival

Katie Scotland, Global Head of People at iris, February 28th 2017

Let ‘multipliers’ multiply: developing the agency leaders of tomorrow

Global Head of People, Katie Scotland on developing the agency leaders of tomorrow.

Ben Essen, Executive Planning Director, iris, February 20th 2017

What marketers can learn from participation brands

A new study reveals how 'participation brands' are successfully designing content and experiences to suit modern consumers' lives.

Ben Essen, January 17th 2017

How thinking like a technology company helped transform Domino's

Featuring in the January edition of Admap magazine, iris' Executive Planning Director Ben Essen examines how Domino's, the UK's No.1 pizza brand has reacted to the rise of brands disrupting the food delivery sector.

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