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Dave Strafford, August 31st 2017

10 reasons why we believe in the power of events

10 reasons why Hopper believes Live Events are the most effective form of marketing.

Dave Strafford, August 10th 2017

A Day in the Life...

A day in the life event manager at the Edinburgh Festival.
Hopper's Dave Strafford talks us through his day at the CBBC zone at the BBC Village in Edinburgh.

Sioned Parry, February 3rd 2017

Brand Loyalty vs Brand Love

Are consumers now inherently disloyal to brands but instead have a brand repertoire, basing purchase and action decisions on an individual basis?
Are we now in a world where ‘brand love’ is more relevant than brand loyalty and do brands need to think in this way?

Dave Strafford, February 2nd 2017

Getting excited about being bored

Good publicity is built on a foundation of safety as much as it is on creativity. Sustainability can be another positive brand story if woven into your vision and your events with commitment and purpose. Suddenly, that doesn’t sound so boring!

Sioned Parry, February 1st 2017

Socialising Events

The importance of a fully integrated advertising, PR, social & event strategy is widely acknowledged, but placing the event at the heart of the strategy is often overlooked. Budget allocation may divert attention away from the element of the campaign that is arguably the most interesting & exciting for your audience.
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