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Costas Michalia, December 18th 2017

Building a digital infrastructure: 6. Measuring, reviewing, monitoring

Part 6, the final piece in our ‘Building a digital infrastructure’ series, takes a closer look at measuring, reviewing and monitoring.

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Costas Michalia, November 22nd 2017

Building a digital infrastructure: 5. Aligning supplier objectives

With your partners selected we move to part 5 of our series, where we take a deeper look at perhaps the most vital piece of the puzzle, aligning the various suppliers and your team so that you can deliver on the business goals.

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Costas Michalia, November 6th 2017

Building a digital infrastructure: 4. Effective Procurement

Our step-by-step guide offers a snap-shot of the questions to ask when assessing what's really on offer, helping you find the partner that will deliver on your digital and business ambitions.

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Costas Michalia, October 30th 2017

Building a digital infrastructure: 3. Appraising Multiple Partners

At Crab we take a much deeper look, past the goals and the numbers, to focus on the process and approach. We understand who should work on the project and how that work should be integrated into your brands digital landscape.

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Costas Michalia, October 11th 2017

Building a digital infrastructure: 2. Establishing Objectives

At Crab, the beginning of any campaign starts with a clear definition of the objectives. The more structure you include, the more sense you can make of results and the quicker you can adapt and refine your approach.

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