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Jeremy Horne, Head of Analytics, September 7th 2018

Attribution vs. Economic Modelling: what's the difference and how can they work for you?

How much does my marketing activity contribute towards sales and revenue? How many of these sales and how much revenue can I credit to each channel? Hang on a moment, they’re the same question, aren’t they? Not quite. Confused? Well, most people are.

Vinishya Bhadresa, Senior Insight & Analytics Manager - MUSE (part of the MC&C group), August 8th 2018

Customer surveys: unlocking the mind of the consumer to drive business planning

Considering the vast quantity of data continuously being collected on consumers, it is very tempting for us to think that we already have access to all the data we need to understand our customers.The reality is, this type of data might not always be enough as it only shows us part of the picture.

Sarah Faust, Insight & Analytics Manager, MUSE (part of the MC&C Group), July 17th 2018

Marketing: it doesn't have to be the postcode lottery

Understanding your customer profiles and identifying areas of opportunity through Mosaic.

Nicholas Graham, Digital Strategist, July 16th 2018

A Date with Retailers

If ever there were two words that sum up relationships in 2018 it’s ‘Date Night’. In the era of “always on” we now need to set aside a dedicated evening to invest time and energy into our long-term relationships.

Ben Hooper, Creative Partner & Co-Founder Wax/On (partners of MC&C), June 12th 2018

Test me, trust me, (quite) like me

Over the years simplistic emotional and rational silos have formed the backbone of brand communications – not to mention influenced the creation of global holding companies – but it’s time the industry accepted that neither brands nor audiences now adhere to these confines.
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