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Richard Neil, Director of AV, April 20th 2018

Addressable AV: The dawn of a new era for audio advertising

Huge developments are underway in the AV space and the idea of fully Addressable Audio & Video Ads is now a very real prospect. Here Richard Neil, MC&C’s Director of AV, explores some of the latest companies and campaigns in the field, and offers a view on what this means for advertisers.

Ben Foster, Digital Client Director, March 26th 2018

Everything changes, yet everything stays the same: Learning old lessons

This year's Advertising Week Europe was a real eye opener, sitting in seminar after seminar that unwittingly showcased the flaws of our fledgling digital world.

James Smith, Senior Account Director, March 21st 2018

Too big to grow?

Creating growth for brands is a real challenge for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s market uncertainty, increase in sector competition or changing consumer habits to name a few, finding ways to prove profitable, sustainable growth means we have to constantly adapt to conditions out of our control.

Christian Taylor, Programmatic Lead, February 20th 2018

Data management: unlocking the power of your customer

Your customer data is a powerful resource for driving growth. 1st party data is unique to your brand and provides the opportunity to increase customer engagement, life-time value and provide insights for new customer acquisition

Priya Datta, Head of Social, January 17th 2018

Facebook Algorithm Updates

Over the next few months, Facebook will gradually introduce updates to the News Feed. Facebook's algorithm will put more weight on interactions with friends and users will see less organic content from businesses, brands and publishers.
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