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Justin  Pahl
Justin Pahl
Managing Director

Justin joined AMV in 2008 having worked on a number of award winning campaigns for brands including Waitrose, Weetabix, Skoda and More Th>n.  At AMV he has worked on Aviva, Walkers, Tourism Australia and Versiure but his enduring assignment is leading the BT account; which he has done for the last 6 years.

Justin joined the management team in 2012 as Head of Account Management, was promoted to Managing Partner in 2015 and started as MD at the end of 2016.

His focus is on overall performance and enabling the agency to adapt and change to the exciting, dynamic conditions within the comms and agency sector.  His firm belief is that “talent grows best in the sunshine of security and encouragement” and that ‘When in Doubt Be Nice’.*

Originally from Australia, Justin has now been settled in London for over fifteen years where he lives with his wife and two young children. He never misses the Formula 1, loves to cook and obsesses over stats trying to win his family’s fantasy football league.

*Fine words unashamedly stolen from David Abbott and Peter Mead

Ian Pearman
Ian Pearman
Chief Executive

A graduate of Clare College, Cambridge and the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School, Ian joined AMV BBDO as a trainee in 1996, and since then has worked on pretty much every one of the 88 brands that the agency works with.

He joined the management team in 2005 as Managing Partner, was promoted to Managing Director in 2008, and CEO in 2010.
Since taking the helm of the agency, AMV has become the most creatively and strategically awarded agency in the UK, won the inaugural global Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness at the Cannes Advertising Festival, and was ranked as the 17th “Best Company to Work For” in The Sunday Times annual survey. In that survey, Ian was personally ranked as the 4th “Most Trusted” and the 6th “Most Inspiring” leader amongst all of the UK mid-size companies that entered the survey.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, Ian was one of 190 individuals nominated and honoured as a “Young Global Leader”. He will serve a five-year term working with the YGL Forum on a variety of projects. He also serves as a trustee and Chairman of NABS, the media industry’s charity.

Alex Grieve and Adrian Rossi
Alex Grieve and Adrian Rossi
Executive Creative Directors

Before joining AMV, Adrian Rossi & Alex Grieve were Creative Directors at Glue for a year.

Previous to that they were Creative Directors at BBH where they launched the multi-award winning Barnardo’s campaign - “Heroin Baby.” Amongst other things they also produced “Billions” for Lynx, “Fish” for Audi and the recent “Lost Lives” campaign for St. John Ambulance.

Awards they have won include 3 Cannes Gold Lions, 4 D&AD Pencils, 2 Campaign/Big Gold and over 10 Campaign/Big Silvers, 2 Creative Circle Golds, 3 BTAA Golds, 4 Kinsale Golds, 3 Clio Golds, 1 Eurobest Gold, 2 New York Festival Golds, 1 One Show Gold.
During their career they have Creative Directed across a large breadth of clients including British Airways, Levi’s, Barnardo’s, St. John Ambulance, ITV and Gordon’s Gin.

Since joining AMV, Adrian & Alex have produced award winning work for Camelot, Guinness, Sainsbury’s, Eurostar and creative directed multi-platform award winning work for Snickers, Kids Co, Galaxy, Twix, Walkers, Snickers & Heinz. Alex and Adrian were promoted to Executive Creative Directors in November 2013.

Bridget Angear
Bridget Angear
Joint Chief Strategic Officer

Bridget has a degree in Economics and started her career in advertising at JWT in 1991.

Ten years later, she left as Planning Director to join AMV BBDO and currently plans advertising campaigns for a broad selection of the agency’s clients.

She loves nothing more than tackling big challenges – from helping mastermind the journey of Walkers into one of the most respected brands in the UK, to providing the strategic direction to launch the Make Poverty History campaign.

Her hallmarks are simplicity, clarity and friendliness. On account of which, she was promoted to Joint Planning Director in January 2008.

Bridget is also extremely proud that in 2011, AMV BBDO won the inaugural creative effectiveness Grand Prix in Cannes, as well as being the first agency ever to be awarded APG (Account Planning Group) and IPA (The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) ‘Agency of the Year’ accolades in the same calendar year.

Craig  Mawdsley
Craig Mawdsley
Joint Chief Strategic Officer

Craig has a degree in Business from Bath University. He started his career at Saatchi & Saatchi, rising through the agency over 10 years and leaving as a Planning Director, having worked on most of the agency’s clients including Sony, Visa, P&am

He joined AMV BBDO in 2004 to lead the planning on Sainsbury’s. Shortly after (although he didn’t take it personally), Sainsbury’s went into review.

However, during the pitch, Craig helped develop the ‘Try Something New Today’ strategy, which retained the business and subsequently won the APG Creative Strategy Awards Grand Prix in 2007.

Craig was promoted to Joint Planning Director in 2008 and continues to lead the planning on Sainsbury’s and Royal Mail.
He is also extremely proud that in 2011, AMV BBDO won the inaugural creative effectiveness Grand Prix in Cannes, as well as being the first agency ever to be awarded APG (Account Planning Group) and IPA (The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) ‘Agency of the Year’ accolades in the same calendar year.

Jonny Spindler
Jonny Spindler
Chief Innovation Officer

Jonny's early interest in advertising ideas and love for new technologies led him into the creative side of digital marketing just after the .com bubble burst in 2001.

Jonny led a range of innovative marketing solutions from social networking for dogs with Mars owned Pedigree, through to desktop and mobile applications with News International and The Sun newspaper, as well as working across big idea campaigns including the global launch of My Nokia and the small but daring IQ for Toyota.

Now Chief Innovation Office at AMV, Jonny leads accounts and projects across some of AMV’s most innovative clients including Walkers, Foot Locker, Aviva and Mars as well as continuing to infuse digital knowledge throughout the agency and creating new services such as AMV Pulse (AMV’s social media arm).
Jonny believes innovation isn't always about creating something new, but making something better and in a world where communications and media overlap and intertwine and marketing services and product development are colliding, it’s the best ideas and the strongest brands that really stand out and hold everything together.

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