Core disciplines: Branding / design, Innovation/NPD/Service Design

Key people

Amy  Steinmetz
Amy Steinmetz
VP, Managing Director, LPK Europe

As Managing Director, Amy oversees the many dimensions of the LPK Europe experience, optimising business and nurturing client relationships. With a unique history that crosses varied markets, Amy applies focused expertise to a spectrum of capabilities and categories—from brand renovation to breakthrough innovation; spirits to shampoo. Known for her delivery of actionable, often award-winning strategies, Amy brings passion and rigor to every project, every phase. Her long roster of clients includes global brands such as Herbal Essences, Pringles, Emmi and Beam Suntory.

David Beard
David Beard
Executive Creative Director

As Executive Creative Director for LPK Europe, David translates a deep appreciation for the arts into a mastery of brand design. Across a menagerie of categories and channels, David lends his critical eye, refining executions to elevate brands in extraordinary ways. David’s diverse experience—an interdisciplinary mix of methods and markets—informs his approach: classically rooted, future-focused, and globally attuned. In his 30-year career, David has built a vast network, partnering with brands like Unilever, Britvic and Yogi Tea. He has also garnered international acclaim, receiving over 50 industry awards for his work.

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