Rosie Lee

Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand Activation, Branding / design, Innovation/NPD/Service Design

Key people

Joe Maloney
Joe Maloney LinkedIn
Commercial Director

As owner and Commercial Director of Rosie Lee Group, Joe Maloney is responsible for overseeing client services, identifying market opportunities and directing new business operations.

His 14 years experience in client services, project management, production and brand marketing have helped develop strong leadership skills managing and overseeing global departments.

Joe’s work, combined with his enthusiasm for fashion and sportswear have helped cultivate strong relationships with key clients for over a decade at Rosie Lee. His passion for identifying new commercial activities has seen continual company growth derive from a constantly shifting market place. 

Specialties: Marketing Communications, Brand Strategy, Account Management and Advertising.

Mark Fleming
Mark Fleming LinkedIn
Creative Director

As owner and Creative Director of Rosie Lee, Mark sets the long-term creative direction and leads the company’s creative cross-disciplinary team working on and overseeing multiple levels of project from identities for small brands to global brand activations. 

With over 25 years of creative experience, Mark has worked across the world's leading lifestyle brands from Virgin, Sky, Sony, Activision, Uniqlo and Nike globally. Specialising in art direction, concepts, and creative strategy, retail and spacial design.

Alongside working at Rosie Lee, Mark is an active member of Run Dem Crew, a creative collective with a passion for running. He has also taken part in many Bridge the Gap running events, and enjoys traveling around the globe meeting the like minded creative community. 

Specialties: Art Direction, Branding, Concepts, and Creative Strategy, Retail and Spacial Design.

Russell Clayton
Russell Clayton LinkedIn
Managing Director

As owner and Managing Director of Rosie Lee Group, Russell Clayton is responsible for the management of the group’s various functions as well as overseeing strategic client work and digital experiences.

His 17 years experience in creative strategy, client services, project management, production and brand management have helped to develop a deep understanding of client needs and how to pair those needs with consumer desires in an ever-changing marketplace.

Russell’s work, combined with his education and personal experiences have given him a unique outlook and a passion for innovative brand solutions that create positive change and lasting memories for consumers and clients.

Specialties: Consumer Insights, Brand Strategy, Digital and Social Strategy and Brand Creation.

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