Core disciplines: Customer experience, Digital, Innovation/NPD/Service Design, Research

Key people

Trenton Moss
Trenton Moss LinkedIn
Founder & CEO

I started Webcredible with no money, no office, no clients, no contacts... but a lot of drive and determination to help brands sort out their customers' digital experiences. I'm proud to be a recognised pioneer and industry leader in customer and user experience.

As CEO, I'm responsible for leading and driving forward our 3-year plan, clearly communicating it to the amazing Webcredible team, our advisory board and other stakeholders. I'm also ultimately responsible for company revenue targets and Webcredible's short-, medium- and long-term commercial activities, as well as maintaining our unique culture of collaboration, trust and empowerment.

I am also your strategic partner and advisor. I'll make sure that we fully engage with you to understand your organisation, your customers and your culture, so that we don't just solve your problems, we help you to achieve your long-term business goals.

Zoe Kelleher
Zoe Kelleher LinkedIn
Managing Director

Zoe is serious about having fun when she works. Using humour to break the ice is her way of showing clients we’re on their side.

She want to get everyone talking, not just the clients who come in but their colleagues too. Breaking down silos in organisations through conversation helps Zoe unite stakeholders behind genuinely customer-first thinking.

Zoe’s always thinking up new ways to boost collaboration in a project, whether it’s bringing clients in to watch user testing, or going to them to sketch out a user journey. Mentoring through training is part of that approach – she created our fast track to digital course.

She applies the same lessons in the Webcredible studios with events like Thursday breakfasts. This is when busy colleagues get a chance to ask each other for advice and examples, so everyone in the team is building on their experience.

Jo Higgs
Jo Higgs LinkedIn
Head of People & Business Operations

I take a long-term strategic view of business objectives alongside a consultative tactical approach and facilitate the discovery and implementation of new ways of working. I firmly believe that good internal planning and process ultimately leads to better productivity and in turn, cost savings and happier, more engaged staff!

I have the happy task of looking after all of our people, from resourcing and retaining the best talent in the market, through to managing the HR function within the business. I look after the Operations, Finance and People teams and between us we keep the place running like clockwork. From creating high-level learning strategy to working out which colours we have on the walls, myself and my team are responsible for maintaining Webcredible's amazing culture and workspace.

At the heart of every business, are its people. Good people, supported by good internal practice are the building blocks for making the great stuff happen. I'm passionate about working with companies to define and embed good internal process (and it's really not as boring as it sounds!).

Alex Baxevanis
Alex Baxevanis LinkedIn
Experience Director

I'm a designer and technologist who creates impactful work. I get excited about what modern technologies can do and want to harness them to achieve customer and business goals.

At Webcredible I lead & inspire my fellow designers and clients as they work together to create incredible experiences.

Recent successes include helping a global asset management company tell stories through visualising complex data; turning retirement planning from boring form-filling into a fluid chatbot conversation; and strategically guiding the creation of an award-winning global AR app.

I've previously worked in corporate innovation labs, discovering how to put technologies like image recognition and audio processing to good use (now at the core of every consumer device).

Andy Ingle
Andy Ingle LinkedIn
Experience Director

I'm an award-winning digital leader helping organisations to transform, grow and prosper.

At Webcredible I have helped Brompton set their 5 year digital vision and delivered an award-winning new website, work ongoing with Age UK to lead digital transformation initiatives and rethink how they deliver services, developed a vision for the future of rail travel with Virgin Trains and am helping Weatherbys Bank to develop customer-driven private banking solutions.

I lead a delivery portfolio, helping to keep my colleagues up-to-speed with design trends and thinking. I also love to talk about my work and regularly engage in public speaking events.

Previously I've grown a start-up to service over 2m paying users, won awards for work with Hilton Worldwide Resorts, been product owner of a multi-million pound ecommerce platform and worked closely with some of the world's leading financial institutions.

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