Core disciplines: Branded content, Experiential marketing

Key people

Mike White
Mike White LinkedIn
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell LinkedIn
George Strong
George Strong LinkedIn
Business Director
Tim Hebden
Tim Hebden LinkedIn
Client Services Director
Dickie  Chaytor
Dickie Chaytor LinkedIn
Account Director
Abi Orr
Abi Orr LinkedIn
Account Director
Luke Hughes
Luke Hughes LinkedIn
Senior Producer
Yasmine Perez
Yasmine Perez LinkedIn
Senior Producer
Alice Smith
Alice Smith LinkedIn
Account Manager
Matt Naylor
Matt Naylor LinkedIn
Senior Designer
Ben Cowan
Ben Cowan LinkedIn
Post-Production Lead
Natalie Cox
Natalie Cox LinkedIn
Production Assistant
Steve Rogan
Steve Rogan LinkedIn
Business and Project Director (Europe)
Martin Heap
Martin Heap LinkedIn
Senior Executive Producer

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