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William Russell has grown over the last 25 years from a family-run business to a global insurer with customers in more than 160 countries worldwide. What started out with health, life and income protection coverage for predominantly British expats has extended to a broader international base. As a result, William Russell was looking for a solution to bring its corporate messaging and identity in line with a fresh ambition.

Listen first, respond later

In response to the brief, Bright Blue Day implemented a brand perception survey to listen to customers and establish if the organisation was still the William Russell it believed itself to be. The results were encouraging – customers perceived the company as trustworthy, with a reputation for fairness, a personal touch, and expertise within the field of insurance.

Identifying the USPs

The next step was to take this feedback and craft a new tone of voice across all internal/external channels. In collaboration with the client, BBD identified four salient USPs to drive communication across customer touch points.

“We’re here to help you out, not catch you out” established William Russell as the refreshing antithesis to the world of insurance small print.

“We’re the only destination for the international citizen” positioned the Surrey-based company at the hub of a global network.

“We offer affordability without compromise” balanced competitive pricing with fair practice and compliance.

“Beating cancer shouldn’t mean fighting paperwork” referenced a key policy commitment the insurer wanted to promote for 2017.

A fresh portfolio of assets

Bright Blue Day produced a new internal Tone of Voice dossier, and created a refreshed visual identity including imagery style, refreshed iconography and typography. We also introduced a new corporate strapline of ‘Global protection for international living’. Crucially, there was a clear intent to relinquish dependence on the word ‘expat’, quite simply because many of those insured no longer defined themselves in relation to the UK.

Using the updated USPs, Bright Blue Day then redrafted the entire suite of insurance brochures to align them with core messaging and nurture greater visual cohesion across all collateral.

By the end, William Russell could be proud of collateral that evoked the standing of a global insurer, but with language and messaging that retained the powerful original narrative.

Gavin Grissett, Deputy Creative Director commented: “It was clear that William Russell already had a pretty robust brand identity, which we were honest about from the start. So, we decided it best to focus on adding value where it really mattered. We worked collaboratively throughout, assessing multiple aspects of the customer journey. We were able to identify what was working and what wasn’t, and improve or change as required. The result is a more contemporary, coherent and compelling brand – from the print collateral right through to the online experience.”

According to William Russell Head of Marketing, Ben Walton: “BBD are a flexible and multi-talented agency able to bring research, technical and creative skills together to help us on this journey.”

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