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Silverstone unleashed



F1 drivers call the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at the iconic Silverstone Circuit ‘insanely fast’, and the Silverstone team believe it to be one of the world’s great sporting events.

For years, avid Silverstone fans have attended the weekend-long party come rain or shine.

In recent years, however, it hasn’t quite been enough to pack out the grandstands. And in the spring of 2017 with only a couple of weeks to go, ticket sales were lower than expected.

Bright Blue Day were brought on board to help engage a new audience for the British Grand Prix, and get them to buy tickets quickly.

With speed being of the essence and budgets being limited, leveraging social was the obvious choice of channel. At BBD we created multiple target audiences based on lookie-likie purchase groups, including look-a-likes of their current base audience, wider F1 fans, Motorsport enthusiasts and family festival goers. 

We then trailed multiple creative routes, optimising and iterating based upon on what we could see was working in real time with each audience.

We worked in review sprints to keep improving on the creative and re-targeting engagements with other brand levers, such as other Grand Prix and Pay Days.

The surprising thing we found from our creative reviews was that the race itself almost became incidental when marketing the event. Fans engaged far more with ads showing the wider experience of attending Silverstone, be that the music, food or camping, and the broader audiences (such as families and festival goers) had a higher conversion rate than your more traditional F1 fans.

The awareness campaign was the biggest driver of traffic to the Silverstone site from May-July, driving over 90k visitors to the British Grand Prix ticketing page.



In the week leading up to the Grand Prix we were also presented with a chance to target a new and enthused audience as F1 took to the streets of London.

On Wednesday 11th July, tens of thousands gathered in Trafalgar Square for a unique demonstration of the British Grand Prix. Many of the teams and drivers would be taking place as the cars roared along Whitehall – it was to be quite a spectacle, and for us an unmissable opportunity.

The event was ‘owned’ by F1 as opposed to our client Silverstone, but the opportunity to connect with a new engaged audience in real time was too good to turn down. Using a geo-targeted social promotion we rewarded fans that engaged with Silverstone on the day – this could be through liking the social displays or through creating their own Silverstone content with our Selfie team and driver on the ground. Every engagement meant they were in with a chance to win tickets to the Grand Prix that weekend – we could then also leverage that engagement to re-target them to sign up to hear more about tickets for next year’s Grand Prix or other Silverstone events.

The #SilverstoneUnleashed campaign managed to get over 8,000 new and unique leads from the ads at an average cost of £0.54.



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