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Haven Holiday homes 
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Most of Haven’s holiday home sales came through leads generated by the sales teams on park approaching regular holiday makers and current owners to consider buying or upgrading a static home on site.

Haven wanted to expand their prospect pool and get more people interested in owning a caravan at a Haven park. First, we developed the sold campaign which took ownership from being about the home itself to the emotional benefits of owning. The imagery showed off the stunning landscapes and activities on site and connected them to the benefit of being able to experience these benefits whenever you want.


This campaign was taken up across all the parks in the UK
and even in to social

Social was a key tool in expanding the Haven prospect pool as we targeted those similar to each parks current database using both website look-a-likes and sales data to build up a geographic and demographic picture of who the prospects are. These were separated in to 2 groups the young families and the empty nesters. We created numerous messaging and imagery for all the ads based on the individual selling points of each park for each persona. Due to the disparity in budgets between the parks we trailed these with the park with the most budget and then applied the learnings to the rest, optimising weekly based on what worked. We had a bank of approved creative which meant we could swap out creative quickly based real-time insights.

The campaign drove over 4 million impressions,
over 54,000 visitors to site at an average CPC of £0.40


The campaign also resulted in 42 leads across the parks which was impressive for a consideration campaign for a high value purchase. The approach was so successful we have even started to created testimonials shaped around the emotional sell of the sold campaign to drive more prospects in to the pool for next year using social.



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