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Fish Supper 2017



The charity sector continues to be an incredibly competitive landscape, with so many worthy causes vying for public attention in new and inventive ways.

And the challenge is only getting tougher due to the Fundraising Preference Services (FPS) enforcing stricter opt out rules in 2017 as well as the incoming GDPR data process. Couple this with the rise of ‘considered altruists,’ a younger generation with a more complex audience make-up, and all with a demand for only relative messages to be served.

Charities such as the RNLI have been trying to find a way of creating more opportunities for engagement with the charity as a brand (beyond just the donate campaigns), whilst ensuring they have authenticity in doing so.  

RNLI as a charity is steeped in tradition and has always had a strong core audience - new legislation, however, only reinforced the need to refresh their marketing approach, to become more targeted in their appeals, and create more opportunities of relevance to talk to a wider audience.

Over the past 4 years BBD has supported RNLI in creating platforms for engagement; above and beyond the emotional appeal campaigns to donate or fundraise. Using bold, brave and innovative creative platforms, pushing the RNLI forward and grabbing attention, then driving people through carefully constructed nurture journeys which are modelled around audiences and platform type and that are repeatable experiences.


RNLI Fish Supper is one of those experiences, and at BBD we are proud to be in our second year of leading this campaign.

RNLI Fish Supper is an annual event were we ask our audiences to host their very own Fish Supper; asking guests to donate to the cause in return for an evening of fun, friends and fundraising.

As an event it is inspired by the concept of ‘leveraging existing leisure time’ in an audience. So rather than asking an audience to engage in a new task to fundraise, we simply ask them to take what they love doing anyway (in this instance hosting dinner parties) and once a year, make this about the RNLI. 


In 2017 we built on the success of 2016 (where all financial and engagement targets were met) and challenged ourselves to reach a wider audience. Still targeting our traditional “empty nesters” but now also reaching out to a slightly younger demographic that are embracing cooking.

We therefore set about developing on our 2016 creative assets to include a younger model set, and refreshing our fishy hints and tips to include more niche recipes and hosting ideas that would appeal wider. The website was re-developed to allow for a smoother online experience and sign up, and the email nurture journey was brought to life with more unique and tailored video content, as well as more in-depth partner involvement and offers.

Social media was leveraged to find our younger audience set and profiled against a propensity to host dinners and embrace cooking content.

We also used engagement from the summer campaign of ‘Saving Lives at Sea’ to create a profile set of those who have just begun their journey with the RNLI and may be looking at how they can get involved and support. 



And finally we also defined new audience streams as we progressed through the campaign, by creating lookie-likie audiences – leveraging pixel tracking on conversion to online sign up.

All creative content was also optimised during the campaign; testing different proposition-led messaging (Charity Vs. Hosting) with different audiences (Age but old cold and warm to the RNLI).

Fish Supper 2017 is due to be held nationwide on the weekend of 15-17th October and results will be shared soon – currently we believe we are on track to see an uplift in engagement from 2016, and to achieve our fundraising total.



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