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Tapping into Christmas



“A reason to talk...”

We know all too well that through advances in technology, the volume & value of data and the rise of mobile have made consumers more powerful than ever. They are always-connected, increasingly savvy and using technology that gives them the ability to find all the information they need, putting them in control of their own experience. This means brands and marketers have had to rethink how they engage and connect with their consumers.

Engagement has always been a challenge for Visa. Whilst it is one of the world’s super-brands − sitting in the pockets, on the phones and in the wallets of millions of consumers across the globe − it garners little direct interest. Therefore engagement outside of client banks often proves difficult and means the brand story can lack engagement.

In 2010 BBD developed a promotion engine for Visa - the engine being a tool that could develop, deliver and optimise active promotions with consumers i.e. digital and social tools that allow consumers to enter promotions and win prizes.

The use of the promotional engine enabled a more rapid shift into the consumer world and increased the presence of Visa in consumer consciousness at point of sale. As the engine developed, the promotional activity became aligned to market objectives; such as rewarding the use of Visa contactless and Apple pay, or encouraging discussions around using your card abroad.



One of these instances was for the Visa contactless
Christmas 2017 campaign.

Working collaboratively with the Visa team of agencies, the objective for us was to capture the Christmas shopping opportunity and encourage more people to pay with contactless, whist raising awareness that Visa is the leader in contactless payments.

The campaign would be based on message of Tap your way to a special Christmas with Visa contactless’ and targeted at millennials and early intenders of mobile contactless.

Working with partners, we delivered a fully integrated media campaign from OOH and print awareness messaging to digital social activation (with particular highlight of Yahoo programmatic offering being trialled).

Awareness phase campaign Results saw 5.9 unique
digital impressions and 88m OOH impacts

And promotion results saw 159,000 promotion entries
(with 23m impressions delivered across Facebook and Instagram)  




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