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Johnston Press planned to re-launch The Scotsman – a paper with a slightly old fashioned, Edinburgh focused image – with a modern new look and feel designed to reach a wider and younger digital audience without alienating existing readers.

It’s not easy getting everyone to agree, but in Scotland at present there’s a very healthy consensus that the country is alive with opportunity. From the Commonwealth Games to the Referendum and Election, Scots are having a big, hearty conversation and there’s a real sense of hope for the future.

We decided to leverage the energy and positivity of modern Scotland and to position the paper as the direct route to the heart of the action. Our Campaign ‘Louder’ focused on what makes Scotland great – its people and their diversity – and we used award-winning Scottish Slam Poet Billy Letford to create a poem that translated the growing noise and energy that you can feel on every Scottish street corner into the hope of 5 million hearts.

An online film directed a passionate new digital audience to the new look website, and a programmatic display campaign targeted occasional visitors to the, ensuring our media spend was as efficient as possible.

A helicopter-cover campaign including OOH digital posters, press ads, taxi wraps and a radio commercial informed the rest of Scotland of the new found sense of hope and optimism with The Scotsman leading the charge.

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