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Lotus Evora 400 Supercar


An audience of hyper-competitive, bonused bankers. A new supercar from a half-forgotten manufacturer. And a campaign that captured the imagination of the super-wealthy by telling them #itsnotforyou

The Lotus Evora 400 is seriously light, wildly powerful and face-bendingly agile. But for an audience that can afford the best, it’s hard to make something truly desirable – especially when you’re up against some of the most desirable supercar brands in the world.

So our campaign changed the supercar rules: money alone was not enough to own an Evora 400. To get your hands on one, you had to prove you could handle it.

Using a partnership with Bloomberg, and pilot training techniques borrowed from the RAF, we created #itsnotforyou: an addictive agility challenge that truly tested Europe’s city boys. The better they did, the further they went on their journey to get their hands on an Evora 400 – before anyone else.


Lotus #ItsNotForYou from Stack agency on Vimeo.
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