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Swire Hotels, a leading luxury hotel group managing intriguing and distinctive hotels in Hong Kong and Mainland China, came to Dragon Rouge with the desire to translate their philosophy for relaxed and stylish hospitality to the UK market. They wanted a new brand name, a brand story and identity for the group of hotels and the same for each individual property in their portfolio. The issue was to make some space and create some difference in a cluttered boutique market.

“Chapter Hotels is an exciting arrival”
Conde Nast Traveller

Featured in the Sunday Times
Magazine Top 100 hotels 2012

Dragon Rouge looked to capitalise on a growing trend towards more personal and authentic experiences. We created Chapter Hotels, locally inspired in the heart of great British towns and cities, each with its own unmistakable personality, and each as individual as the talented architects, artists and artisans who have inspired them. The overarching idea behind the Chapter brand was an invitation to ‘get closer’, creating the closest possible connection with the surrounding area, from sourcing of food to sharing local knowledge with guests.

The idea behind the
Chapter brand is an
invitation to ‘get closer’

The visual and verbal brand style places the guest in the moment and aims to connect them in thoughtful ways throughout the brand experience. This extends through to the philosophy of the staff and the way they engage with people, and also inspires a seamless guest experience - including paperless check-in and menus, iPod touch communication, free Wi-Fi and free mini- bars. Even the curated art collections add a level of intrigue to an already cool and calm environment.

Dragon Rouge created staff training communications, a brand book, digital customer communications and curated all of the guest touchpoints across the hotels – in short, we created and managed the entire Chapter story

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