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Iceland is one of the world’s most beautiful, interesting and inspiring countries. Yet it remained a hidden secret, until 2010 when the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano combined with a global banking crisis meant they shot to the top of the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Tourism, the economy’s greatest driver, was on its knees, so the Icelandic President looked to communications to help bring tourists back. After a global pitch, we won the task with a solution that sat firmly in social, digital and the power of people and we’re proud to say we’ve worked with them ever since.

Our people powered ‘Inspired by Iceland’ platform sits firmly at the centre of all our activity with different chapters of the story created annually depending on seasons and objectives.

First up was re-branding the country as a destination to be ‘found’ and ‘explored’, a real premium adventure for those with the right spirit. Our audience were led by experiences, digital natives who listen to their peers via word of mouth. Paid for advertising was not going to cut it with Generation Y. We needed to engage in a different way that encouraged them to share stories, make recommendations and make up their own minds.

In year one, we used our platform to turn the cycle of negativity on its head and create a virtual social movement of our own recruiting Icelanders via ‘Iceland Hour’ when the President stopped the country and asked people to share their own stories online.

In year two, we tackled the Winter season, taking the idea one step further, encouraging Icelanders to invite people in to their homes to have their own Icelandic experiences.

Ever since, we’ve been creating special moments that our audience can ‘find’ online and the media want to talk about, from travelling mini pop-up culinary experiences & rock concerts, to an Icelandic Academy to help tourists get the most from the country and most recently ‘Ask Gudmunder’ providing our own ‘human search engine’ to encourage tourists to explore beyond ReykjavÍk and the hot springs.


Digital, PR, Social, Content, Experiential, Advertising


— 43:1 ROI

— £25.8 million media value

— Grand Prix and 4 x Golds at the 2016 European Effie Awards

— Social Media Agency of the Year at the European Effie Awards

— Three Cannes Lions for PR and Social Media in the last three years

— Gold awards for PR, social and integrated at the IPA Effectiveness Awards

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