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To reach a new, younger audience, Clarins needed something special to launch their new MultiActive Day and Night range. So they challenged us to come up with an immersive, digitally shareable experience that went way beyond anything they could offer at the counter. To make shoppers listen, we needed to break out of the monotony of retail with a disruptive, world-first experience that would stop women in their tracks by defying category norms.



The Exterior

To attract our target audience we knew we had to step out of the retail environment and create something truly spectacular. Our ultra-premium glass cube pop-up, the largest ever created of its kind, came to life in style. True to Clarins’ aspirational look and feel, our space was also warm, friendly and inviting – a place that even the busiest of women couldn’t resist.

The Interior

Inside, we created a physical-digital experience like no other – where beauty met technology – with a connected consumer journey that took women on an exploration of their senses. This included interactive product zones; creatively-styled natural ingredients to encourage ‘touch and play’; and complimentary samples along the way.

The Projection Pod

To dramatically reveal the effects women’s busy city lives have on their skin – and demonstrate why Multi-Active should be embraced into their skincare regime – we created a world-first in a consumer experience. At the heart of the Urban Oasis, we brought our skincare story to life, as we projected it onto women’s faces – all in real-time, with no special markers, and with animations that reacted to their movement. This unique ‘live CGI’ effect was achieved through a combination of pioneering technology, including infra-red depth sensors, custom calibrated projectors, ultrasonic audio and adaptive face-tracking.  And the end result was a totally unique experience that brought the science and beauty worlds together in harmony.

The Finale

Our innovative physical experience translated effortlessly into the social sphere, so the brand could live on away from the pod – with a seamless digital takeaway of a personalised animated gif captured from the core projection-mapping experience. Consumers were directed online to find a personalised email that led them to their unique – and more importantly, shareable – content.


Clarins Urban Oasis from Haygarth on Vimeo.



•   30 day UK tour
•   Over 6,000 visitors
•   Drove 42% of visitors to store
•   Generated one new sale per minute
•   1 in 5 projection-mapped visitors shared their gif on social media
•   3.3 million opportunities to see.



“Overall what impressed me most about working with this agency is the energy they brought to the project, the innovation and the creativity, and the way they managed to deliver an outstanding immersive customer experience, but at the same time ensuring we achieved our key objectives. Which in this instance were furthering brand awareness, telling beautiful stories about our brand and beginning new conversations with people across the UK, both in the physical and digital space.”

Debbie Lewis, Managing Director, Clarins UK

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