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Having crafted a brand identity around the concept of the ‘unbank-like bank’, it was our task to develop a set of new assets for Halifax to cement its reputation in the market according to the principle.


We worked with Halifax to evolve a visual and verbal identity which would allow the bank to embody its position as the ‘unbank-like bank’. This involved the development of the instantly iconic and dynamic ‘X’ image, which would act as a window into the unconventional experience of banking with Halifax.

We also compiled a striking set of imagery assets to communicate the open and approachable brand identity by centering around commonplace yet extraordinary objects, with a bright colour palette differentiating Halifax from its competitors.

A punchy, playful and personal tone of voice was developed and refined in order to convey Halifax’s identity as a breath of fresh air in banking, with a bold an expressive typeface highlighting its unbank-like personality.

The end result was a new set of flexible and adaptable brand identity collateral and guidelines, coupled with an immersion programme to inspire and engage partner agencies so that they can convey the Lloyds Bank promise through their own communications. 

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