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Aviva wanted to stand out in the Insurance sector as a brand that offered something better to its customers – good service, clarity and cover that came through when you need it. So in 2015 a new brand strategy of ‘Good Thinking’ was imagined, everything the brand did would bring out their positivity and customer-centric attitude. But the next step was getting the message out there. That’s where we came in, working alongside Aviva to develop a new look and feel for the brand that would support their global advertising teams and inspire colleagues locally and internally.

We started by identifying three challenges – firstly to support the business in becoming a True Customer Composite by developing a more consistent customer experience. Secondly, we partnered with above the line agencies to develop a definition of how the brand behaves. Thirdly, we needed to help Aviva to empower their teams to help them communicate ‘Good Thinking’ internally and with partner agencies.



We began by exploring the visuals behind ‘Good Thinking’, how would this look to a wide and varied audience? We looked at different communication channels too, considering a full suite of assets including photography, illustrations, graphics, typography and colour. The result was a new brand toolkit that felt fresh, unconventional and energised.

Once the brand look and feel had been established we turned our attention to putting it into practice, creating 360 degree guidelines that covered all communication channels, including a motion piece. This allowed AVIVA’s teams and agencies alike to embed the new brand in a practical and realistic way.

The result was a brand toolkit and engagement plan which put ‘Good Thinking’ at the heart of the business. It simplified the brand, freeing customers from uncertainty and delivering a more consistent experience. It made sure that the new identity could really be used everywhere at every touch point. And it inspired colleagues to embed the ‘Good Thinking’ mantra and work to make people’s lives easier.

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